A workshop announcement: Amersfoort, The Netherlands

I’ve added a new workshop to my summer schedule: three days of sketching instruction in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

This workshop is really about travel sketching — capturing people, places and things that evoke memories of a time and a place — and of course returning home with a fat book filled with fresh and vibrant sketches. If you followed my posts a few weeks back, this was exactly what I was doing on Sanibel Island.

As part of a small group, you’ll observe plenty of demos and receive individual attention as we work on value studies, colour, composition, vignettes, lettering, simplifying a scene, and keeping our watercolours fresh. The focus will be on having fun as we sketch, capturing the cafés, canals and traditional Dutch architecture. Each day will end with a review and a group dinner (which is optional, of course, but always fun).  

Our location in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, was chosen because of the many historic buildings and canals, making it a perfect sketcher’s destination that can be explored on foot. It’s a city of medieval origins, with a rich history. No wonder it’s the most photographed small city in the Netherlands!

I’m excited to run this one through the Urban Sketchers Workshop Program, and you can find all the details here.

4 Comments on “A workshop announcement: Amersfoort, The Netherlands”

  1. Congratulations! This opportunity to sketch in The Netherlands sounds fantastic.


  2. ekfmef says:

    Super cool! When I was in Amersfoort a while ago, I indeed thought that it was a perfect location for an #usk event :). Unfortunately I’m not sure whether I can join in the fun due to having just started a new job then, but I hope I can be there! :).


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