Mine and theirs

I like my new neighbours and I haven’t even met them yet. I can see that we share an affinity for lazy wheelbarrows. Wheelbarrows that lean upright in the garden, half buried in snow. It remains to be seen if their wheelbarrow will get more use than mine, come spring. I somehow feel that it will, since they are new to the neighbourhood and will likely want to impress the rest of us by digging and planting and hauling rocks.

22 Comments on “Mine and theirs”

  1. I love it! So much insight, you are a keen observer! lol

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  2. Don says:

    Is the blue in the shadows cobalt blue? I like the look.


  3. Judy Sopher says:

    Aha-competing wheelbarrows! I have an old wooden wheelbarrow but it is in the garage. I think I will lean it against a tree when it is warm out. I used to use it to muck out stalls when we had horse so it is pretty used. Might make a good subject.

    Thanks for the continuing wheelbarrow paintings. Have enjoyed them.


  4. Bernadette says:

    Nice painting of your new neighbors back yard. Your colors ar so clean and fresh, just like the new fallen snow.


  5. Shari, your artwork manages to highlight the little things that your keen eyes locate. Thank you for sharing your painting.


  6. -N- says:

    I love your winter scenes! You catch the snow so well – fresh and new – old and mucky and slushy.


  7. Jean says:

    This is an inviting scene and looks cool.
    I am feeling a bit overly warm right now on a trip South… I took your great advice and made a side trip to Sanibel Island Bowman Beach. One of the loveliest beaches I have ever seen. Thank you for telling your students about this place to visit. I wish we could have stayed longer.


  8. DiniAlice says:

    It’s snowing this evening. I guess I should go out and paint my wheelbarrow tomorrow! It’s leaning against a fence!


  9. Jeff says:

    A beautiful winter painting. Your wonderful sketches and your 2 craftsy courses are what motivates me to keep plugging away and trying to improve at watercolor.


  10. Having followed your wheelbarrow through the seasons for several year, I really chuckled over this post. Maybe they’ll paint yours 🙂


    • Hi Larry. It’s so nice to hear from you. Wouldn’t it be funny if they painted my wheelbarrow? I would have to move it to a new place for them to see it. But from what I can see they have small children, so probably not much time to draw.


  11. joantav says:

    I love your snow shadows and the light shining on the roof of the building on the right which mean the sun is out…yay!!! Good job finding the long lost brother to your wheelbarrow which is as always a good subject.


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