Lemon leftover

These past few weeks at school have been intense, in a good way. My graduating students are looking for internships for the last month of their studies, and that creates a lot of buzz in the classroom. All 32 of them are putting together portfolios, writing cover letters and, fingers crossed, going on interviews. No doubt, by mid-April, all of them with have placements, but in the interim, being in the classroom is an exhausting experience.

I was planning on doing some car sketching today but when I got home, I had no energy left to sit in a cold car. Instead I gathered up my tubes of gouache, some bottles from my studio and a cut lemon left over from lunch. Sitting in my kitchen and getting lost in the reflections was better than meditation.

36 Comments on “Lemon leftover”

  1. Judy Sopher says:

    Beautiful glass bottles. So eye-catching. Hard not to keep looking. This is a very nice limited palette, something I’m trying and still struggling with . How did you set up the background?


  2. Lee Kline says:

    I am obsessed as you about drawing, but when I see your stuff, I gasp! I stand amazed. Those reflections are beautiful…and inspiring, Shari.


  3. Marylin Smith says:

    It’s gorgeous Shari!


  4. Christine Brown says:

    What size and is it for sale?


  5. Bernadette says:

    Lovely, so very well done. Sure will look great in a mat and frame.


  6. Demise says:

    Totally awesome!


  7. DiniAlice says:

    Love the reflections!


  8. jansiking says:

    Really lovely!!!


  9. Some drawings are unanticipated . you draw automatically .by attracting sudden beauty of . and believe this .. they’ll help you to more beyond what guess.. your drawing are amazing 🖼️👍👍


  10. Denise says:

    Beautiful!! And your meditative state definitely communicates through this painting… Deep, restful sigh…


  11. bruno Dubois says:

    Wonderful painting ! I love transparancies and lights ! It’s very impressive


  12. Fernanda Fernandes says:

    Fantastic reflections! I love your work!


  13. Monique says:

    So wonderful!


  14. marymc001 says:

    Wow, Shari! I exclaimed out loud when I saw this – gorgeous work. Makes me want to go out and buy some gouache just to play around with it. Inspiring and uplifting.


  15. Donna says:

    You are right. Painting/sketching is a form of meditation. Great reflections.


  16. You create beauty from such simple things. I can feel the light.


  17. okaypolliwog says:

    An especially nice one today, Shari! And your message was inspiring, too . . . When I’m exhausted, I just turn on the TV — you have definitely upped the ante!

    Thanks so much for your blog! I think this is the first timeI’ve ever responded but I always enjoy it. I should’ve told you sooner!




    • Amelia, when I’m tired I turn on the tv too. I don’t do much sketching in the evening unless I have my iPad with me to sketch the dog while I watch Netflix. So don’t feel bad about that. So nice to hear from you. Thanks for writing!


  18. Linda Murray says:

    The colors you have used are so striking, Shari!! And those reflections, wow! Love it!!


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