Winter golf

This week I’m trying out some new sketchbook paper. I bought a pad of Aquabee Super Deluxe Mixed Media paper, and took it with me for a bit of car sketching at the Beaconsfield Golf Course. I love this rock formation in winter when it’s partially covered by snow, especially on a sunny afternoon.

The pad I bought is quite large — 11″ x 15″ — but the paper is heavyweight and advertised as good for light washes. It does buckle a bit but it takes colour well, and it has a very good surface for pen or pencil. Plus I just discovered that the paper has two distinct surfaces. From the company’s website: The top side of the sheet has tooth for dry media and works well as a cold pressed watercolor sheet. The flip side has the opposite effect and mimics hot pressed sheets for watercolour and other mixed media.  I haven’t tried the hot pressed side yet but that will be next.

14 Comments on “Winter golf”

  1. Chris Rusk says:

    I love how the light falls on the snow on the rock – its depth is so beautiful


  2. I use two Bee Paper Pads (one large and one small) but the one for watercolor.


  3. karim waked says:



    514 9944433


  4. -N- says:

    I have so much fun playing in your snow scenes!


  5. Barry remley says:

    Live your work – I am a beginner and am mystified and In awe if your detail . What brushes are you using ?


  6. Lyn Seley says:

    The aqua bee 9×9 square used to be my favorite sketchbook but then the company sold and the paper seemed different. So I will be curious to see how you like it.


  7. redharparts says:

    Wonderful painting!

    I find the 90# paper a little light for most of what I want to do. It’s been OK for our “cosplay drink and draw”: good for pencil, pen and light wash.


  8. Ivana says:

    Wow! This is outstanding. How you capture snow is enviable.


  9. Judy Sopher says:

    Lovely. What did you use for the darks–black tones? (almost hate to use the word black, I’ve been so brainwashed in school)I know you wrote that you are looking forward to spring but I hate to see the end of your snow scenes.


  10. Al Kline says:

    Love your sketches. Nice one!


  11. Lynn Holbein says:

    Your snow is fabulous, Shari! Nevertheless, I hope the inspiration for it disappears soon.


  12. joantav says:

    Great rock formation. Love the shadows. I have several Aquabee sketchbooks with that paper. I’ve never tried using the back side of the page.


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