Isn’t Lungwort a most unfortunate name for a beautiful spring flower? Besides the crocuses that I sketched a few weeks ago, this is the only bloom to appear so far. All the spring flowers have been late in coming this year, especially in my garden where they were fighting to emerge under a thick mat of leaves. But they have finally been uncovered and hopefully will make an appearance in the coming days.

12 Comments on “Lungwort”

  1. Andrea Rule says:

    I just bought 5 of these plants in Boise, Idaho. And I live in Sun Valley where it was shaky putting them in the ground this early. But I covered them for 3 nights of freezing weather and am awaiting their blooming soon. Love these plants. I call them pulmonaria as it is prettier than lungwort. Also, I am in your August class at the Sawtooth Botanical Garden in August. Can’t wait to paint with you.


  2. Kind of odd until you break it down:) Wort is used for plants and herbs that are used medicinally ad one of the medicinal uses for Pulmonaria is for lung issues. Beautiful painting Shari!


  3. Lovely rendering of the plant also known by the common name”William and mary” for the two-toned flowers – something quite unusual. Mine aren’t quite blooming yet, but the early daffodils are!


  4. Kristiina Sakai says:

    Lovely as always, Sheri. Thank you for all your insightful paintings and notes. I don’t know how you do it!


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    Another lovely flower painting. I know you don’t have time for a book on flower painting—but if ever….! I really enjoy your work within the glass container.


  6. Bernadette says:

    Blue is my favorite of all colors, so finding a flowering blue flower is such a delight to my eyes! A book on painting flowers is a great suggestion…maybe on day when your days slow down, you can manage such a book. Wow, that would be exciting!


  7. Carol Balabanow says:

    I was just introduced to lungwort during a woodland walk for a Botany class, but none were blooming yet. There were masses of grandiflora trillium, though.

    I really enjoy starting my day with your blog and I look forward to purchasing your book, too.



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  8. Sharon Mann says:

    A beautiful vase full of Spring…


  9. Nice drawing, it looks beautiful.


  10. joantav says:

    This is such a pretty flower painting!!!


  11. Je me suis deshabonné par erreur à votre infolettre. Pourriez-vous me remettre dans votre liste d’envoi?



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