Before lunch

I took Alice out for a run in the woods this morning. It seems awfully early for an onslaught of snow this deep, but I’ll take it. I snapped a quick photo of my favourite winter view and had the painting done before lunch. A productive morning.

33 Comments on “Before lunch”

  1. M Cirfi Walton says:

    Exquisite! Thanks for sharing, Mercedes

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  2. Denise says:

    Another masterpiece from the master of snow! Truly amazing


  3. Truly beautiful.




  4. TonyU says:

    And there was me expecting more another from Mexico! Just as stunning though …. particularly, as always, those beautiful shadows.


  5. You capture a winter scene so well. I can feel the cold. We are heading into a hot summer in Australia.


    • Hi Carmel. I have been reading about the fires in Australia. Sounds quite awful. Hope you are not close to anything like that, and glad I am sending cold thoughts your way.

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      • Hi Shari, there is a lot of smoke in the air. It is very hot with high winds. The closest fire is about 25 km north of us. We are ok. We just need some rain. NSW the state below us is having a terrible time. Thank you for sending cool thoughts … I miss the Fall colours and snow. I use to live in Washington State.


  6. Linda Murray says:

    Just beautiful, Shari! You really are a master with those snow scenes!


  7. joantav says:

    From sunny Oaxaica to snowy Montreal. I love your deep shadows and the brush poking out gives such a nice contrast. Beautiful!


  8. Bernadette says:

    Simply gorgeous shadows, so clean and fresh…as usual!


  9. Jeff Gold says:

    Beautiful composition, as always. Naturally the shadows dominate but the whole thing vibrates with light. The subtlety of the color and values of the shadows are dazzling! Love it.


    • Jeff, I was thinking about you and wondering if you had any snow in Vermont. This was such big and early storm, but I’m not sure if it travelled south. Hope all is well with you.


      • Jeff Gold says:

        Thanks for asking. Yes, we have about four inches on the ground now and haven’t gotten our snow tires on yet. It was 2 degrees (F) this morning. Otherwise, life is very good. Welcome back!


  10. Too early for so much snow, but your painting is lovely.


  11. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Morning dear Shari,

    Other members reduced my load with their comments as my own with tons of laurels.
    Excellent display of the light and shadows, color choice, house in the background and little herbs in foreground with those big tress center spread. Awesome painting. Kudos.



  12. Judy Sopher says:

    Can’t add much to the above except you are really the master of shadows. Shadows on snow. They give so much life to your snow scenes. Looking forward to more over the winter.


  13. Peggy Bjarno says:

    AHHhhhhh, Shari’s blues!! I think I would be able to identify an unsigned snowy landscape as yours, just because of your stunning blue snow shadows. LOVE THEM (if not the snow).


  14. Gordon Lyman says:

    I agree with all the likes and comments. And those buildings in the trees give it that extra “presence of man” on top of it all off.


  15. Its crazy all the snow this November. Good painting, the forest looks like ordered chaos with the few leaves, and covered up clumps of vegitation.


  16. okaypolliwog says:

    Hi Shari –

    I’ve been enjoying and living vicariously through your series of Oaxacan sketches – they’re beautiful and give such a wonderful sense of the place and its color. I hope to go there some day, simply based on your paintings.

    But I have to say that it’s your snow paintings that really move me! This one is a great example . . . the light is so well observed, the details of leaves and such are perfectly rendered, the whole thing tightens up beautifully from a distance, yet it remains loose and gorgeous up close. This is a masterful painting. Bravo!




    • Hi Amelia. Thanks so much for taking the time to write.


    • Oops that got sent before I was finished writing. Comparing my location sketches to my larger paintings is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. The winter scene is painted in my studio under controlled conditions of lighting, on a drawing table with nice music playing. In my studio I have time to step back, correct things and adjust values. The location sketches are done quickly under less than perfect conditions. I’m sometimes standing or seated on a hard bench with the sun in my eyes. So results are very different. Of course I love doing both and am happy to have the freedom to do both. Glad you like the winter scene!


  17. arduingineer says:

    Amazing, Shari. You should make an art museum with all your pictures.


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