Puzzle pieces on the beach

It was pretty windy on the beach today but I wanted to do some people sketching. I had to work fast because the wind made it impossible to sit for too long or to put up an umbrella, and that meant that my models wouldn’t be sticking around for long either. But challenges like that are good, aren’t they? State the essentials and if you have time for more, it’s a bonus.

So how do you figure out scale in a scene this? That was the first thought that popped into my head. I wanted to capture the two couples sitting on the beach, and hoped to convey that one was close and one was far. The drawing aid I used to help me figure this out was the horizon line.

Here was my thinking. Couple on the left: both heads are under the horizon line. Couple on the right: the top of his chair and head are over the horizon line but her chair and head are under it. As for the guy in the mauve shirt — he walked by and his head was touching the horizon line. Once I had those elements in place, it was easy to fit in the remaining puzzle pieces of arms, legs and chairs.

11 Comments on “Puzzle pieces on the beach”

  1. Judy Sopher says:

    Good job on solving your problem. The proportions look right and it reads well. Love your sky. and the overall color scheme.


  2. beth says:

    Nice work, shari


  3. Renee Fittinghoff says:

    Great suggestions about using the horizon line!


  4. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Morning dear Shari,

    Very well drawn and I love that expression and view angle of the man wearing cooling goggles,
    looking at the painter:)

    And the slipper on the ground gives quite natural effect to the sketch.



  5. I truly do love your sketches. They make me want to walk right into them — or onto the beach and into a beach chair. Lovely, what you do.


  6. Very beautiful beach scene, I like how you added the seagull.


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