On the weekend it’s quiet on the shrimp docks, so I was able to set up my easel with a great view of the boats, which are, as it turns out, docked in greater numbers than usual as their crews take a break for the holiday season. Lucky me.

I really wanted to paint the nets today, and fortunately I had some rough Arches paper on hand. Dragging a dryish brush over the paper allowed me to get some of the texture and transparency of the nets without painting all the crisscrossing of the mesh. And even though it there wasn’t much movement on the docks, there were two guys who stopped for a few moments to have a conversation as I was drawing. I’m happy I was able to quickly add them in because it really helps to get a sense of scale in the scene.

21 Comments on “Nets”

  1. Fantastic, Shari. Love all the details.

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  2. Doug Elliot says:

    Excellent technique Shari.


  3. Laurie Householder says:

    I really like your colors and subjects. What size paper did you do “Nets” on?


  4. Donna says:

    Love the coloring. What colors to make the nets? Do you use teal? Thanks as usual. We all want to be there.


  5. Oh, this is fabulous. I love the dry brush on the nets.. it worked perfectly. Your colors are also so good especially the teal for the nets.


  6. Robert Carrifee says:

    I really love your art Shari, every painting inspires me!


  7. Liliane Partikian says:

    Hi Shari, beautiful painting, and yes your technique really worked on the nets!
    Wishing you and your family happy holidays and a happy and healthy New Year.


  8. loisajay says:

    So clever to drag a dry brush over textured paper for the nets! Wonderful capture.


  9. Bernadette says:

    Your inclusion of the two men adds so much to this wonderful painting. I like the way you simplify such a busy scene. Great job!


  10. M. L. Kappa says:

    Wonderful scene, Shari. Composition, palette, textures, everything fell into place!


  11. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Afternoon dear Shari,

    I visit these trawler dockyards to buy fish at frequent intervals. At these places on the port we get the fish at a very cheaper rate almost 75% less than the main town markets.

    Your sketch gave me almost the same impression. No doubt you got a very keen observation power and it is not a joke to draw something that has lot of mechanical devices.



  12. Jauch says:

    I loved this one 🙂
    Liked very much the effect you get with the paper and the dryish brish to represent the fishnets 🙂
    Great job, as usual 😉
    Happy hollidays!


  13. joantav says:

    I love how the rough paper worked in your favor for the nets! This is great and I love that you were able to include the figures too!


  14. sally fox says:


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  15. Janice campbell says:

    Hi, I am so excited that I will meet you and be in your May workshop in San Jose California! I live in St a Pete Florida and have enjoyed your Florida work!


  16. Yes indeed, those nets! So masterfully and deliberately interpreted and drawn in a few carefully considered strokes. I can feel their weight and their weave. Stunning.


  17. Nice boats, I like how you added people, and you did a good job on the nets.


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