Wheelbarrow in ink

While many urban sketchers are drawing views through their windows for the first time, I’m an old hand at this. Most of my recent versions of the wheelbarrow have been in watercolour, so I thought I’d try a version in ink. I have nothing but time these days, and there’s something quite calming about the repetitive movement of making a thousand ink lines on paper. I don’t usually use fountain pens but this was done with an Indigraph pen which allows you to use India ink because of the special reservoir of water that humidifies the nib to keep it from clogging. I haven’t used it long enough to review it, nor am I a fountain pen expert, but Parka has a lengthy review on his site.

20 Comments on “Wheelbarrow in ink”

  1. Thanks for this Shari. Always lovely to see your wheelbarrow. I’m almost tempted to buy one to place in my own yard. 😉
    I’ve been a bit of a zombie and not drawn for a few days. Today I will!


  2. Bill. Fagan says:

    Thanks for all your posts in this difficult time. I think sketching will help to provide a calming effect. Bill Urban sketcher Chicago.


  3. Denise says:

    We were supposed to be in Budapest this week prior to leaving on a Danube River cruise. Instead, like you, I’ve had to look at what’s around me and sketch the “same thing, only different”! Stay well, and keep inspiring us!


  4. Great, I’ve grown very fond of this wheelbarrow over the years and it’s brilliant that it’s here in this time of crisis, to support and cheer us, and we, too, can have a go at The Wheelbarrow.
    Keep safe everyone and let us hope and pray that normal service may be resumed as soon as possible, Patsyx


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    Fountain pen drawing is something I’ve been working on recently so it is nice to see your drawing. You really made the wheelbarrow pop . I also can appreciate the varied marks. Not easy to do. Nice drawing.

    I haven’t bought a pen made for India Ink tho I have the ink. ( doesn’t work that way, does it?) Wonder how it compares to my other fountain pens. <ay try.


  6. Jeff Gold says:

    Hi Shari. Wonderful textures. It’s great the way the direction and density of the hatching gives both form and value in the drawing. Of course control of values is something you are famous for but it’s great to see this followthrough in a different medium. Stay well and keep creating. It’s important for you and vicariously for all of us. Best to you and Spyro.


  7. Richard Lee says:

    You should do more in pen and ink, Shari. You are really good…but don’t ditch the watercolor because yours are awesome!!


  8. TonyU says:

    Your wheelbarrow! The perfect thing to give us all a lift! One at a time, that is.


  9. Betsy says:

    It is good to know of your inner reserves. You are not alone, I am not alone, we are not alone in our anxiety and doubt, boredom and longing. Thank you for these beautiful artworks and your thoughts too. Here’s to hope!


  10. Chris Rusk says:

    To go one further with pen and ink… scratch board could be an interesting medium for your wheelbarrow subject 🙂


  11. joantav says:

    Your wheelbarrow with new materials!!! Yay! Nice hatching on this.


  12. Carolyn Cameron says:

    Very nice. Well done.


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