Rooftop salad

Before some of this went into a salad for dinner, I sketched the contents of my first basket from Lufa Farms. Most Montrealers have probably heard of this company because they’re a well-known success story here. They’ve converted rooftops of industrial buildings in the city into greenhouses, and they have a weekly delivery or drop off basket service. Since we are still in self-isolation at home, this was the perfect week to try a delivery basket: Mustard greens, cherry tomatoes, Boston lettuce, Genovese basil, Beefsteak tomatoes, Spartan apples and arugula. Delicious to eat and to paint.

9 Comments on “Rooftop salad”

  1. YUMMY! The painting and the flavours I can imagine in those tomatoes. I’m starting parsley seeds and eggplant this week.
    Technical question: what do you use to get those vibrant reds?


  2. Muriel Scott-Smithl says:

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  3. johnjsstudio says:

    Very nice. Love the colors and composition


  4. Mary B. says:

    Hi Shari. I love your creative embrace of the present circumstances! So inspiring!


  5. Thank you for your postings; always brighten my day. Such talent.


  6. Sue Ferrell says:

    Yummers! This painting looks good enough to eat on this cold day in Michigan. I followed your link and looked at Lufa Farms—what a great enterprise! I’m wondering if we could do something like that here. It seems we’ve got an abundance of rooftops and plenty are on empty buildings. I’m going to keep pursuing this to see where it takes me.


  7. Nice vegetables. I really like how you added blues to your reds.


  8. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Evening dear friend Shari,

    Very realistic and very favorite to almost everyone here.
    Sorry, I missed this mail. Any way better late than never.



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