Everything and the kitchen sink

These days the kitchen is getting more use than normal. With three of us working at home — eating, cooking, working at the counter — it’s become a hub, and often a mess. We try to keep up, but it’s hard. Today I was about to wash some of this stuff, or load it into the dishwasher, but I stopped to draw it first. And that leads me to what I really wanted to say, which is that I am trying to draw every day during all of this isolation and quarantine. Painting too, of course, but these days that’s often from photos, and that is not the same. For me, the skill that has to stay sharp is the looking skill. Drawing from life, whether it’s out the window or in my dirty sink, is what keeps me from getting rusty. (And these days, keeps me from obsessively reading the news.) This is directly with pen, and even though some of the angles and curves could probably be better, I’m happy I did it. Of course the dishes are still in the sink as I type, but it’s only us, right?

33 Comments on “Everything and the kitchen sink”

  1. cdeh69 says:

    Shari, so enjoying these updates of your fresh work and insights. Looking forward to when the San Jose workshop can be held safely!

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  2. Marbizaleth says:

    You have a great artistic eye…I look forward you your drawings and paintings. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. Stay healthy !


  3. Jeff Gold says:

    And you managed to create a beautiful composition with it. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! Stay well. Best to all of you including Alice.

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  4. Pegret Harrison says:

    Love it, great idea



  5. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Evening dear friend Shari,

    This is exactly the same in all the houses. Beautiful idea and very much entertaining too.

    Blessings- Uma


  6. MaryBeth Hinrichs says:

    Thank you for the great drawing and the encouragement.


  7. Gerry says:

    Right. Period.


  8. Denise G - Houston, TX says:

    I love this, Shari! And I got the biggest smile at your line “it’s just us, right?”! Thank you for all you do for our little online community that has formed around your blog posts… It means a lot to have this warm touchpoint – – – knowing there are LOTS of us who are choosing to leave the dishes for a bit longer while we draw or paint! Sending warmth and care out to all who are part of this community of “just us”… 😀


  9. Jean says:

    Your drawing and comments capture so much of the mood of being in quarantine! Thanks!

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  10. Dianne says:

    Wow, that could have been my counter this morning.


  11. nelvanl says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Shari. I guess when you can make such a lovely sketch of your dirty dishes, none of the rest of us have room to say “I can’t find anything to draw!” Beautifully done!


  12. Judy Sopher says:

    Nice, nice drawing. Yes, we all see our sinks the same way. And eventually it gets done. Can’t imagine a day without drawing or painting. What pen are you using here ? You introduced me to Micron 05 pens and I prefer it on any textured paper. On smooth, I prefer a fountain pen.


  13. Bessann says:

    Thanks Shari. That’s a wonderful message as well as a great sketch. We have to practice seeing!


  14. AGNES says:

    Chère Shari,
    Nous sommes comme vous, happés par les informations, en même temps que terrorisés par cet ennemi, invisible et nombreux, présent partout.
    J’ai vu la catastrophe venir depuis janvier, et depuis 3 jours, je ne regarde plus les nouvelles car je n’en peux plus…
    Bises de France.


  15. joantav says:

    I always love sketches of daily normal situations! Well done!!


  16. Leslie Blackwell says:

    Thank you, Shari, for the daily motivation to draw. I was really stuck today but your post has given me the spark. You are an inspiration to all of us. Drawing and painting is truly therapeutic.


  17. Betsy says:

    In the middle of your own uncertainty, thanks for taking my mind off of things with your sketches. It’s been a resource and a respite to look at your videos and artwork. Best wishes and a prayer for your health and happiness.


  18. […] or the yard to paint. All you need is a chair and some art supplies. Making art is a salve. (Read Shari Blaukopf’s post about drawing from life to stay nimble, and away from the news.) Are you drawing or painting this […]


  19. monique says:

    Fantastic..or course:)


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