Good advice

There’s a beauty bush (Kolkwitzia amabilis) in front of my house that I probably planted over 20 years ago. In fact, first it was somewhere else and I moved it to the new spot, hoping it would survive. Not only did it survive, it thrived, and every years it gives us the gift of masses of tiny pinkish flowers on arching sprays. I think a neighbour is somewhat annoyed by its unruly habit, and he occasionally offers to come over with shears to trim it down. But years ago, an arborist told me that it should be shaped like a vase, and I should let the branches arch, so that is the advice I follow.

14 Comments on “Good advice”

  1. murraylh says:

    It’s huge and beautiful as is your painting  Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S9, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone


  2. Nancy Poist says:

    So glad you are following the experts advice. Another gorgeous painting, Shari❤️


  3. Meliisa says:

    This is beautiful. Neighbors need to tend their own shrubbery….


  4. Beautiful Shari! The advice you received has worked out quite well.


  5. Donna says:

    The reliable beauty bush!! Love the green you made.


  6. What a wonderfully evocative sketch. I feel the beauty of the bush and the dappled light. Great car! 😉


  7. Rita Cleary says:

    Beautiful! Wanna come over and work your magic on my yard??? ha ha


  8. Denise says:

    I absolutely love this! Such lively colors. Do the flowers turn to purple berries in the fall? I have a much smaller version in my yard. I love it best in the fall when those purple berries appear against the bright green.


    • Thanks Denise. This one has no berries. I used to have an elderberry which gave me those purple berries in the fall and also had white flowers in the spring, with bright green foliage. Maybe that is what you are thinking of. Both beautiful shrubs.


  9. Nice bush, it looks really beutiful. I really like how you added dabbles of colour all throughout the painting, in the bush, but also in the trees in the background. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a few of these bushes around my neighbourhood, but I could be mistaken.

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  10. Loved readinng this thank you


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