Indoor chair

My favourite outdoor chair is not an outdoor chair at all. In fact, I was warned that it was not an outdoor chair by the owner when I spotted a pair of these at a garage sale while on a walk with Alice. I knew I had to have them, but my pockets were empty, so I extracted a promise from the owner that they would still be there when I got back with money, and my car. He kept his promise, and I have loved sitting outside on this ever since. But since this is not an outdoor chair, when the sky fills with dark clouds, I put it in a sheltered place just to make sure it doesn’t fall apart in the rain.

17 Comments on “Indoor chair”

  1. Soni says:

    I can feel comfort 😊 makes me want to sit in other one painting & visiting with you & Alice

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  2. Bernadette says:

    Great painting.
    I just love garage sales. My home is scattered with garage sale finds. Very nice painting deserving of a detailed description. Looks comfortable.


  3. A chair with personality. Lovely.


  4. Lynn Bernardi says:

    First time commenting but have followed your posts since taking both your online Bluprint classes earlier this year (which are great). What impresses me most, besides your talent, is how fearless you are to paint any subject! It gives me courage as I’m just getting started. Oil was my medium many years ago, my career also as a Graphic Designer but with little time to paint. Now starting anew with watercolor. It’s more portable for our retired nomadic lifestyle. You’re the inspiration I’ve sought. Thanks for being so open, honest, and sharing your work with us.


  5. Dianne Waite says:

    Very subtle and elegant painting, Shari. Pencil lines complement the curving wicker chair. Are you using buff titanium/gouache for the background? Love the cast shadow and shapes around the legs. Superb!


  6. That’s a very beautiful painting. I think it is my favorite.


  7. Good Evening Shari,

    Beautiful, it suits me.



  8. Denise says:

    To me, wicker chairs represent summer ,comfort, and relaxing. Glad you got the chairs, and did this sketch.


  9. Lee Kline says:

    That watercolor of your chair is a tribute to repurposing. And it is a pretty nice painting as well.

    Lee Kline Who does not seem to know how to reply to your blog.


  10. Reminds me of our wicker chairs that are dark and think I would prefer them in a lighter version like yours the watercolor painting- looks weathered and cozier. It’s been too long since I have been garage sailing…and have always been drawn to watercolors…I need to learn but wouldn’t know where to begin! What to purchase?


  11. quokkamustardpandora63997 says:

    That is a beautiful chair. I would have wanted it, too. Your work has been a teacher and joy for me. After raising two children as a single parent, working jobs and retiring, I’ve come back to art work but you lose alot.–still, I am very happy and getting better. I love what you do and have a Pinterest page that is almost all your work. Your example of daily life and art is wonderful. Thank you for what you do. Carol C. Eureka, MO


    • Carol, what a beautiful message for me to read. Thanks for telling me a bit about yourself too. I always think everyone sees so much from my daily life, but it’s really nice to read about my readers and followers too. Thanks for pinning the work, for reading and for enjoying the art. So glad to hear that you have come back to art as well.


  12. jameswebbart says:

    Dear Shari, I’ve Ben following your art closely which is inspirational for me in many ways. Following what you’ve been doing since getting an iPad triggered me in doing the same that has changed the how and what I do forever. I’m practicing in how to blog which can be viewed at “” where a couple of my pencils are posted.


  13. joantav says:

    I can see why you wanted it. Nice work on the wicker look to this!!! Love your neutral colors!


  14. Linda Murray says:

    Wonderful Shari! Amazing how you picked out the colors, exact shading, etc. to make it look like wicker without all that detail. Love your painting and love those chairs!


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