Announcing “Still, Rushing, Falling Water” — a new online sketching course

I’ve been painting lots of water scenes lately, with the idea of creating a new online course that so many people have been asking for. “Still, Rushing, Falling Water” launches today!

Like my previous two courses — “Sketching Structures in the Garden” and “Light, Colour and Shadow,” I’ve packed this one with tips and techniques for painting the wettest looking water scenes in ink and watercolour. 

You’ll watch three full-length demos, during which I’ll teach you to sketch Still Water and reflections near Montreal; Rushing Water in a beautiful Vermont river; and Falling Water at an abandoned canal lock in Quebec.

You’ll learn about:

  • Edges: How to use the right brush at the right time to get the best edge on falling water
  • Wetness: It’s all about knowing when to have a dripping wet brush for waves or a dry one for texture
  • Reflections: These are simpler than you think — especially once you see how I paint them wet-in-wet
  • Colour Saturation: The freshest results come from getting the right amount of pigment on your brush the first time. Put it down and leave it alone! 
  • Simplification: Once you understand how water and reflections can be simplified in watercolour, the techniques can be applied to any scene, from puddles in the street to waves on the ocean

This course includes:

  • Three full-length video demonstrations plus a brush technique exercise
  • Downloadable reference images
  • A full list of materials

For a preview of “Still, Rushing, Falling Water,” check out the trailer.

I hope to inspire you to watch my course, and then to get outdoors and sketch near the edge of a lake, pond or stream, maybe on a beach or next to waterfalls. Summer is short and the water awaits you!

22 Comments on “Announcing “Still, Rushing, Falling Water” — a new online sketching course”

  1. Jane says:

    Thank you SO much for making these, Shari! They are SO helpful! I’m gradually working my way through them and learning a bunch along the way! So excited to see a new one today!


  2. Jane Hannah says:

    Yeahhh Shari — I love your online courses -)


  3. […] via Announcing “Still, Rushing, Falling Water” — a new online sketching course — The Sketchbook […]

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  4. Yvonne C says:

    Just enrolled and can hardly wait to go thru the videos and exercises! I really enjoyed the last 2 classes. If you ever wonder what we might want next, “sketcking/painting on location”, with approaches that would work when standing or sitting outdoors (when it is not possible to wait for paint to dry!), would be very welcome!!


    • Yvonne, thanks so much for writing. I have been so busy promoting the course today that I didn’t have time to respond yet. The next course will definitely be filmed on location! I wanted to do that for this one but we tested it and the water was so loud!! So we had to give up. But the next few will be on location for sure. There is nothing like it!!


      • Yvonne C says:

        Shari, thank you! You rock! I absolutely love your style of art, and you have a very easy to follow teaching style. Keep it up, for as long as you can stand us, hahaha!


  5. Thank you for doing these online courses. Water was next on my list as I live near the water. You put so much into your courses. So well done!


    • Thanks so much for writing Carmel. I really appreciate. Yes, I do put a lot of work into these, and I am very grateful to hear back from people who watch them and like them!


  6. Liz Lystra says:

    Help, I signed up and paid, opened the class, then decided to run errands first so I closed it. Now i’m Back and want to start but it has disappeared. It isn’t showing up in “my classes”


    • HI Liz,
      I think I know what the problem is but it would be better to discuss by email. Can you email me at


      • Liz Lystra says:

        Thank you Tons, It was my error and I truly am grateful for your prompt response . Love your workshops! Anyone who reads this please know it wasn’t Shari’s fault I couldn’t get in, it was my typo when I signed up.


      • Liz, thanks for writing. I do try to respond promptly because I know if it was me who had just bought the class, I would want to watch it immediately too. I am getting better at solving all the technical problems now, and so many people have signed up with two email addresses, so now I know what to do. Hope you like the class!!


  7. Isabel Santos says:

    Just what I need. Thanks for putting this together Shari. I always admire how you make your water dance.


  8. Marjolijn says:

    Can’t resist the temptation any longer…


  9. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari — amazing online course and I have learnt so much just by watching you online…. your soft and hard edges explanation, painting vertically with water for the reflections, etc. Very clearly taught and it looks soooo easy… but we all know that it isn’t — hah-hah!


    • Jane, thanks for this. It means a lot to hear your feedback. I was thinking this morning that it might look easy when I do it, but keep in mind that I practice each scene about three times before I film it. Each time I refine it a little bit for the class, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time. Just do it again, like me!! Glad you are enjoying this!

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      • Jane Hannah says:

        Omg! You practice? Wow! And of course if it looks so professional is because of that Shari — just love these online courses -))) I practiced with the 4 exercises just now and I had to redo these 3 times to get them right hah-hah! A theme of 3-))


      • Of course I practice!! That’s the only way to get it right. Glad you tried these a few times to get them right. It makes a difference, as you can see!!

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