Chez Chantal

Chez Chantal is one of those places that begs to be sketched. It’s pink, it’s covered in colourful signs, it’s next to railroad tracks, it’s backed by trees, it’s surrounded by blue and yellow houses AND you can buy ice cream or poutine when you are done sketching. If you are looking for it, it’s on rue du Quai in La Malbaie, right next to where the Train de Charlevoix picks you up to take you to Baie St. Paul. Just don’t make the mistake of painting there on a Monday when Chez Chantal is closed and the train is not running. There will no people to add to your scene and, more importantly, no ice cream when you are done sketching.

19 Comments on “Chez Chantal”

  1. Lise says:

    very sad day for you 😞! … May I ask you, if you want, which colours did you mix for the two yellow adjacent walls behind Charlot’s pancarte … I think Yellow de Naples added some others 🤔 …Thanks a lot! Lise Gauthier


  2. TonyU says:

    Lovely sketch! As you say, unmissable for any visiting urban sketcher. Been there, seen it, sketched it … and it was open too!


  3. Judy Sopher says:

    Your paintings of Montreal are so wonderful. What is a poutine? What did I miss about being sad? I’m still on “Light, Color, Shadow” and it has inspired me to take another look at some of my photos.

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    • Thanks Judy! Glad you’re liking the class!!

      In answer to your questions:
      Sad because I didn’t get to eat ice cream.
      Poutine is a famous Quebec dish consisting of french fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. I’ve never tried it myself but people who love it really love it.
      This was not in Montreal. I painted in the region of Charlevoix, which is about 5 hours away from here.


      • Judy Sopher says:

        I wasn’t sure if it was Montreal. Will have to pull out a map. I get it about the ice cream. I didn’t think the painting was sad.

        The poutine doesn’t sound too good to me but I like plain vanilla ice cream . ( know I’m boring.)


  4. Tami says:

    Really lovely, Shari~
    What is poutine?


    • Thanks Tami. Poutine is a popular Quebec dish consisting of french fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. Not my thing, I prefer plain fries, but this is well known as a Quebec treat for both tourists and locals.


  5. Jann Gumbiner says:

    Charming motif. What kind of ice cream do they have? Will you paint some?


  6. Lynn U says:

    Lovely Shari – no people or poutine but at least you had a fire hydrant!


  7. Stephanie Descoteaux says:

    what a place!


  8. joantav says:

    You may not have been able to have ice cream or poutine, but you have given us a feast for the eyes!!


  9. Nice view of Charlevoix, I really gotta get back to Tadoussac. I just saw it from the boat cruise, but would like to explore that area.


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