Garlic braid in gouache

Every once in a while, especially when I’ve been doing a lot of watercolours, I love to go back to thinking about values. Just good old black and white — in this case gouache in a Stillman & Birn Nova toned sketchbook. I try to simplify the big shapes into three values — lights, mid-tones and darks — even if I sometimes veer into variations in between. It’s a great exercise in looking, especially with a simple subject like my garlic braid, and it’s a rest from thinking about colour.

16 Comments on “Garlic braid in gouache”

  1. Denise says:

    Great work! And next, maybe the loaf of bread for the garlic bread?


  2. Chris Rusk says:

    Really neat. It is so simple, but there is so much to see.

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  3. Donna says:

    I need to get some toned paper. I like your results. I probably missed it along the way. Do you have a brand preference? Love the garlic. Did you grow it? My son has been ‘braiding’ recently


    • Donna says:

      Just reread your post. I see the name of the paper. Sorry. Have been experimenting with some brush pens recently. Life has handed me a lot of lemons lately so what little art I can do creates an oasis. Thank you


      • Yes, Donna, it’s Stillman and Birn Nova series. It’s really nice paper for gouache. It’s thick enough to hold up to some moisture. I hope things get better for you soon!


  4. joantav says:

    This really narrows it down to it’s essence. I hope you use all that garlic for something delicious.


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    One of my favorite subjects-garlic. And you made a unique composition with it. Almost like a line up of people. Nice painting.


  6. Hariette says:

    Well-illustrated…a v nice example…thank you for getting back to basics and showing the importance of ‘looking’ at tonal values.


  7. SuSkjersaa says:

    Thought I’d take a moment to let you know that your blog is the first thing I go to when I open my email in the morning. Your consist, delightful artwork feeds me with nourishment as yummy as breakfast. Thanks.


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