Announcing “Sketching Fresh Flowers: Late Summer Blooms” — a new online course

As you know if you’ve been following this blog, I’ve been sketching a lot in my garden this past summer. I guess we’re all sticking closer to home and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us — especially the flowers.

Flowers are such a big and in-demand subject, that I’ll be rolling out a series of online classes covering various ways of painting them. But I thought a great way to start would be with a trio of small bouquets that allow me to introduce the basics of painting flowers in watercolour.

I’m so excited to share my love of sketching flowers a new online class! In “Sketching Fresh Flowers: Late Summer Blooms,” I’ve raided my own garden, and a few others, to pick and sketch the best August and September blooms. The fresh flowers are right in front of me in my studio as I sketch, so I can capture the subtleties of their colours and shapes as I draw and then paint them with the most vibrant colours on my palette.

The course includes three full-length demos and lots of tips about colour, composition and painting the transparency of glass vases. Plus there’s a new section within each demo where you can share your sketches with other students.

For a preview of “Sketching Fresh Flowers: Late Summer Blooms,” check out the trailer.

15 Comments on “Announcing “Sketching Fresh Flowers: Late Summer Blooms” — a new online course”

  1. Laura Kate says:

    I can recommend Shari’s tutorials. I purchased the Thrifty Trio and am working my way, happily, through them.


  2. Sheryl Thurston says:

    I really want to subscribe to this course. I am having trouble logging in. I have a previous teachable account, but am not being allowed to reset my password. Any advice??


  3. Hey Shari! Congrats on the new Flowers Class! After seeing your last bouquet on Sketchbook, I thought, “Where do I start?” to which you answered with your new class and I can’t wait to start it!


  4. I started watching the videos last night.. Like your other online courses you have put so much into this one. I continue to be inspired by your knowledge of your palette and that wet brush! Thank you so much for the course.


    • I really appreciate that Carmel! Yes, I did put so much work into this one. I want all of them to be good, so I do really work hard in getting them right. Thanks so much for writing to tell me this!


  5. Betsy says:

    Very exciting! Looking forward to enjoying this one.


  6. Tracy says:

    I signed up! I’m still working through some of the other classes, but am excited to have colorful flowers to paint this winter. Will the new community feature be added to exciting (pre flowers class) classes as well?


    • Thanks so much for signing up Tracy. This is the first time I am adding the community feature and I am curious to see what the activity is on it. If it works out well, I will add it to future courses, but not the ones that have already been released. Enjoy the class!


  7. Many of us are like you Shari. Staying closer to home can never extinguish our pursuits to create.


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