Sunflowers are always so difficult for me to paint. I think it has to do with the dark centres that, when looked at straight on, become like black holes in the middle of my sketch. This time I got smart. I turned them in the vase until I could hardly those problematic centres, and then I liked them better. As for the vase, I did a little thrift store shopping the other day and found this tall glass treasure which is perfect for sunflowers.

15 Comments on “Sunflowers”

  1. Chris Rusk says:

    Your Sunflowers’ colour tones are so beautiful. Almost understated, but still bright. I like the colour of the transparent vase, its water and the background. Everything fits so well together. Leaves this viewer with really nice, tranquil vibes. 🙂

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  2. Kansas is the Sunflower state. The beauty and prosperous plant.


  3. April Stewart says:

    Brilliant idea!! I hesitated buying some to paint at the grocery store. You’ve inspired me! Thank you. AND OF COURSE your piece is beautiful.


  4. Yes, I know what you mean, about sunflowers. And yes, thrift shops are great for finding vases.
    I love the simple horizontal wash at the bottom. A perfect foil to the complexity of the flowers. It’s a very beautiful painting.


  5. Soni says:

    smart solution – as always ; lovely

    can’t tell you how much I’m learning & enjoying your new course on flowers


  6. Denise says:

    Genius! And a masterful painting. Can’t wait to learn a few of your tricks in your new on line learning class😀


  7. Muriel Scott-Smithl says:

    It’s beautiful, any way you paint it!!

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  8. ALAN BOHNE says:

    Very Nice! Warm regards, Meredith Bohne

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  9. Barry Van Dusen says:

    Gorgeous Sunflowers, Shari! Van Gogh eat your heart out! -Barry


    • Thanks so much Barry. When I was in Amsterdam last year I saw a huge exhibit on Van Gogh’s sunflowers at the museum devoted to his work. There are only five sunflower paintings but they are all too fragile to move because of the pigments he used. They did an analysis of what they must have looked like when he painted them and the colours were so different, especially the centres. Fascinating show!!


  10. Lynn Urquhart says:

    Beautiful Shari! I’m so looking forward to your new class. I love painting flowers and strive to achieve some of looseness and freshness of your gorgeous flower paintings.


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