I paint this scene every year, sometimes a few times each summer. I love getting lost in the details of the masts and the sail covers. In September we usually have bright blue skies over the lake, but this week the horizon was unusually hazy, apparently caused by drifting smoke from the West Coast fires. Here’s hoping it gets better soon for all my friends on the other side of the continent, both in the U.S. and in Canada.

16 Comments on “Haze”

  1. So many boats and so much detail. I would have loved to have been watching over your shoulder as you painted this scene. It really has been a challenging year. A time for reflection.


  2. Have you thought about painting a scene with a background with scenes you are around.


  3. gaelle1947 says:

    Absolutely exquisite! Makes me feel the scene and the boats look like they are gently bobbing around.


  4. Inge Hoogendoorn says:

    So lovely to see your work, especially of Pointe Claire where I grew up. Am now in very smoky Victoria BC where I can’t see the harbour at all. Keep it up. 😻


  5. Sabiscuit says:

    Gorgeous colours, Shari. The palette is fresh, clean and upbeat. The ripples on the water look fantastic.


  6. Stephen Rodin says:

    WOW, great looking painting.


  7. Linda Murray says:

    Oh my! So much detail! How do you do that!? Beautiful Shari.


  8. Judy Sopher says:

    Always love your boat scenes. I’m watching your course on water now and appreciate the water here. Did you use the flat brush for the masts?


  9. joantav says:

    I love when you do these with the masses of sailboats and masts. This is wonderful…the water, the reflections, the boats… Bravo!!


  10. Tracy says:

    After a week of HAZARDOUS air and nearly landing in ER because I couldn’t breathe, a haze and air rated POOR have been refreshing today. 2020 has lowered so many standards in my life 😦 I actually painted from a photo last night….the small fire closest to me torched my second favorite winter landscape sketching spot (my favorite spot was destroyed LAST winter when boulders from a landslide blocked the view of the river) and there was a picture in a local paper. Broke my heart. Most of my mountain painting spots are currently inaccessible because of road closures/fires or have already burned. I live in a gateway community on the way to Rainier national park. I’m not sure what comes next this year…an earthquake? Or Rainier erupts? I just know that it is all exhausting and I wish my art mojo would come back!

    If I am too tired to paint, I at least watch a section of one of your classes Shari or look at your previous posts. These are the things that help me try to stay sane through the pandemic, living alone and trying to stay safe, losing my job…it has been a hell of a year. Sorry to go on, but I really look forward to each entry.


    • Tracy, it sounds like it really has been a bad period for you. You have every right to complain, it sounds like. Is the air any better yet? I hope it improves soon for you, and I’m glad that watching some of the classes gives you a little distraction from all of this. It’s been a bad time for everyone with the pandemic, but extra bad for those of you close to the fires. Fingers crossed for you and everyone on the West Coast, and hope things get better soon. Best regards, Shari


      • Tracy says:

        The air is MUCH better and Fall weather is here with rain and colorful trees. I’ll be resuming my “plein car” winter painting routine soon 🙂


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