Urban sketching and other stuff

It’s been a challenging summer for urban sketching. The pandemic has kept me away from crowded places, and the warm temperatures in Montreal weren’t conducive to car sketching. But it’s almost autumn, the air is fresher and I’ll be getting out more to draw. I miss it, and my location sketching feels rusty! And when I feel out of practice I go back to what is familiar. Today I drew Chocolatier Marlain, one of my favourite little spots in Pointe Claire Village. I usually draw this in winter because it’s particularly interesting with snow on the awning and stairs, but I’ve never sketched it in summer.

Along with more location sketching, other activities seem to be starting up again, even if they are more limited or are online. I start Monday life drawing sessions, in person, tomorrow. I’m so excited for that to begin, even if everyone in the room, including the model, will be masked and distanced.

My local art group — Lakeshore Association of Artists — will be having a fall show coming up at the end of the week, but instead of being outdoors at Stewart Hall, it’s been moved online. I’ll post a link to that later in the week.

There are lots of new virtual workshops to help fill your autumn schedule. Suhita Shirodkar has a new online class called The Art of Capturing People, Places and Objects. Suhita’s a great teacher and this is guaranteed to be a wonderful class. Here’s a link to register.

I was interviewed recently by Chicago sketcher Nishant Jain for his brand new The Sneaky Art Podcast. Nishant and I met at the Chicago Sketch Seminar when I took his people drawing workshop. He’s a really smart guy and I had so much fun talking to him. You can listen to the full interview on your browser here or on Spotify or on Apple podcasts. And while you are on his podcast site, spend some time listening to his interview with Paul Heaston too!

16 Comments on “Urban sketching and other stuff”

  1. TonyU says:

    Never mind the chocolate, the painting’s good enough to eat! Perfect Shari, absolutely perfect.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Only you could make chocolate better than it already is. Bravo Shari! John


  3. You may feel rusty but it doesn’t show in your sketch. So much for the viewer to take in. Beautiful sketch.


  4. Jeff Gold says:

    Wonderful color and terrific values. I can feel the sun on my face. Your foreshortened overhead wires add so much with so little. This whole thing just sings. It’s beautiful.


  5. Your home sounds like such an interesting place. Thanks for your artwork. Always glad to see it. Blessings and have a good Autumn. Trees just starting to turn here in RI (USA). Stay safe.


  6. I love the clarity of your colors.


  7. Judy Sopher says:

    Another lovely painting. I like the contrast of detail, as in the fence, with the lack of detail in the trees. Glad you are back outside on location and just what makes you think you are rusty? I should be so rusty.


  8. monique says:

    Le Chocolatier needs to see this wonderful wonderful rendition.


  9. joantav says:

    Love this quirky building. It is perfect in your hands!! I wouldn’t mind stopping there. Well done!


  10. Tracy says:

    I just love the life you breathe into greenery! In this one, I’ve spent a lot time tonight thinking about all the colors in that big mass of greenery extending behind the building…beautiful!


  11. Interesting little building, and I like the blotchy effect of the background.


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