It was with some trepidation that I went back to life drawing sessions today. We’ve had six months of staying at home, in our own bubbles, except for occasional visits to grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, etc. But this weekly session is run by the City of Pointe Claire, and I feel that they are quite diligent with the hygiene of the room, which is in fact a huge space, and the reason I feel comfortable in it. Plus there are only a handful of us drawing — fewer than ten I think — plus the model. Once we are seated in our distanced spots we can take our masks off but most people leave them on anyway, including me.

After such a long break I was feeling rusty with life drawing too. I brought along some inexpensive Canson watercolour paper and decided to paint with just two pigments — Prussian Blue and Lunar Black. The black is a weak pigment, so the blue takes over, but the black has wonderful sedimentation, which seems to give an interesting effect on the Canson paper.

In the three hour session our model Melanie did lots of short poses, but these are the last two longer ones of twenty minutes each. It really was a joy to be back in that room drawing live people. I’m already looking forward to next week.

22 Comments on “Melanie”

  1. Bernadette says:

    Very nice! I like the Prussian blue and black figure and the inclusion of another masked artist in the background. Very nice for a 20 minute pose!


  2. Chris Rusk says:

    Really nice and relaxed. I love what your blues are doing.


  3. UKlady says:

    Sadly blank for your drawings. Sounds fun. Have just completed Salvia…a very good lesson. Thanks A

    Adrienne Stanton



  4. UKlady says:

    Got it now…false alarm! Thanks

    Adrienne Stanton



  5. mjsjs8384 says:

    How exciting – takes me back to life drawing classes in Ottawa
    some 25 years ago. We used to use newsprint pads in those
    days – no watercolour on them of course. Lovely work Shari.


  6. joantav says:

    Sounds like you were taking the right steps for safety. I like the colors you used for the model. Nicely done! It must have been nice to be back doing “normal” things.


  7. Donna says:

    You even took time to paint the student behind the model!!! You are so free in your painting here


  8. Tracy says:

    These paintings feel so calming with the blue…I’ve never taken a figure drawing class (no formal art background here). I recently discovered Quick Poses online which is really pushing me to work on my drawing skills (they have landscapes and urban scenes in addition to a wide variety of figure options). Not the same as real life, but a decent pandemic/winter option.

    I like the inclusion of the masked artist as well. It really does establish the time and place.


  9. Betsy says:

    Beautiful use of Prussian blue.


  10. until I can life sketch in person I am going to vicariously enjoy the experience through your weekly sessions, so I’m looking forward to next week already!


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