In Angell Woods there’s a car skeleton that I’ve been admiring for many years, but I’m always walking Alice when I go there so I never have time to draw. This time I went into the woods without the dog to sketch this aqua beauty. The problem though, is that Angell Woods is still a place where everyone else walks with a dog. As proof, if you click on the image to enlarge it you will see on the far right lower corner of the sketch the area where a dog slobbered on my sketchbook, and a blurry area on the top right where another dog put his whole drooly face on the book and almost knocked me over into the dirt in the process. It’s a good thing I like dogs.

14 Comments on “Carcass”

  1. Theresa Buchanan says:

    😊. It’s all part of your memory of that day. I love it!


  2. sheliaruth12 says:

    Those unintended marks gives it character! At least that is what my granddaughter told me about her painting over a section of one of my paintings. I love it and honestly, I thought it was part of the design until I read about it. Like Bob Ross used to say, those are happy accidents.


    • I guess they added another little wet in wet area where I could drop in some paint. Although I’m not sure what dog drool does to my good brushes : ) As for Bob Ross, I saw a little promo for him on PBS last night. Of course I know who he is but I had no idea how many shows he did. There’s even an exhibition of his work in Penticton BC this summer. I would have love to see those paintings in person!


  3. Elaine H. McGann says:

    i am so happy to receive your emails, etc. I truly enjoyed doing your light, shadow, color class. will do more in future. thank you again for sharing yourself with others


  4. Denise says:

    Nice picture, and nice to know that dogs appreciate great art when they see it!


  5. Michael Battley says:

    In the woods that I paint in there are volunteers that keep it tidy and remove dumped vehicles! Can’t you engender some community spirit amongst your fellow residents?!😊 Anyway, nice painting!


    • Thanks Michael. There are lots of volunteers who clear the paths and mark them, but I think the two dead cars are highlights of the walk for some people. And kids love them. So I guess they are there to stay.


  6. Pam says:

    Great picture & story. Made me laugh about the dogs.


  7. Jane Nicholson says:

    Hi Shari-

    I was wondering if your “Dark Beauties” might still be for sale. If so, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Jane Nicholson


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