First snow

Snow fell overnight. I rushed out this morning to sketch it before it melted, as first snowfalls tend to do. It’s always a bit strange when there are still leaves on the trees, but it was a dynamic contrast for the tractor.

I’m looking forward to winter painting, as I do every year. The car studio is all set up, and even though my feet tend to freeze by the end of the session, I’m always much happier to a paint from life than from a photo.

If you’re interested in seeing how other people sketch from their cars, have a look at this article from the very talented Dutch sketcher Anne Rose Oosterbaan. It features examples of work by some of my favourite sketchers including Bob Callahan, Jens Hubner, Virginia Hein and A. Rmyth.

7 Comments on “First snow”

  1. You always capture the atmosphere of the cold in your snow paintings. I use the same car sketching set up I had when I lived in the Pacific Northwest of the States, except this time to shelter from the sun in Queensland summer. Now I roll all the windows down so I have a breeze going through the car. Looking forward to seeing more snow paintings.


  2. Yvonne Carpenter says:

    I love your sketches Shari, what a grea mood on this one. I agree that the green background helped the tractor pop even more. If i had to pick ONLY one aspect of it (it is hard!) that pleases me the most about your sketches, would have to be your representation of snow. Waiting on that “SNOW” class, hint, hint, LOL!


  3. Joon Boody says:

    Your are a Genius …
    Enjoying watch your site…hope never quit
    Thanks… made my day


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