Window view

I’m a little disappointed. I thought today would be the day that I had a dog, a cat, AND a prancing reindeer all in my sketch. How often does that happen? But the cat walked off before I could sketch it. If you look closely you can see an pencil mark where I started to draw its ear in the bottom right of the sketch. After lots of practice, I can manage to draw a dog without much reference, but the silhouettes of moving cats are still a mystery to me. As for the prancing reindeer, it’s on my neighbour’s front steps, just behind the dog walker.

11 Comments on “Window view”

  1. loisajay says:

    I think that little cat ear sticking out of the snow is so cute! My cats enjoyed it! 😺


  2. Unique Tales says:

    Oh, such a shame, still nice art though.


  3. Denise says:

    Maybe no cat, but the ladder (ready for hanging Christmas lights?) is a nice touch. Hope your wheelbarrow doesn’t get jealous. In the spirit of the season, just letting you know how thankful I am for all you do to inspire the wanna-be artist in me.

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    • Yes, the ladder is for hanging lights. The neighbours on our small street are really upping their game with the lights this year, I guess because of Covid. We are usually away but not this year, so we need to get with the neighbourhood plan! We were half-way through hanging a string and realized that we didn’t have enough to go all the way around the evergreen. Waiting for the next batch to arrive. What would we do without online shopping this year?

      As for being thankful, at the risk of repeating myself, reading comments gives me such joy. Thank you Denise, for following and for taking the time to write. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Nessa Neilson Morse says:

    Of course the cat walked off. It’s what they do, especially when you are trying to draw them. LoL!
    Nice try anyhow. The rest works well.

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  5. Cats are a mystery, period.
    Can you do a course on composition? You are a master. Even in this window scene the composition is so strong. I don’t think it’s my imagination. 🙂


  6. joantav says:

    LOL Animals can be so unpredictable. Great sketch of your window view and the snowy scene.


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