Announcing a new online class “Mexican Street Scene: Sketching Urban Life and Texture”

In Montreal we had our first significant snowfall last night, but by this morning it had turned to rain and slush. And so it begins. Winter in my city.

As much as I love painting winter scenes, I also love travel sketching. And while we wait out this pandemic, it’s fun to be able to revisit some of our favourite places through our sketchbooks, from the comfort of home. In my newest online sketching class, launching today, I go back to Mexico, a place I fell in love with when I visited last year. The colours, the food, the life on the street — I miss it all and hope to get back there to sketch (and hopefully teach) again soon. In the meantime, have a look at “Mexican Street Scene: Sketching Urban Life and Texture​”. In the course, I travel back to Mexico to share my favourite watercolour techniques for painting skies, architecture, people and even cars!

For a preview of Mexican Street Scene: Sketching Urban Life and Texture, have a look at the trailer.

6 Comments on “Announcing a new online class “Mexican Street Scene: Sketching Urban Life and Texture””

  1. Kristin Johnsen says:

    Cool – this looks so fun! Having trouble with Teachable site right now, though…..has my credit card information but the button is not yet active to choose pay… I’ll check back later.

    So many photos I could use once I build up confidence…..looking forward to it!




    • Kristin, it’s so nice to hear from you. If you still have a problem tonight or tomorrow, just let me know and I will find another way to enrol you in the course. This should not happen on the site!


  2. mcammeehan says:

    Great idea, it’s like going to Mexico without leaving the comfort of home!


  3. Gerry says:

    Nice job on the part of your editor to include the blooper.


  4. Hi Shari, I love your classes! Wondering if you would do one with snow and winter trees?


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