Low tide, high winds

In July, when I spent a wonderful week in Charlevoix, I sketched the beach at La Malbaie at low tide, on a crazy windy day. It’s not easy to sketch when you’re trying to hang on to your hat and keep your easel from tipping over! But I managed to get it done, AND we filmed the process. I’ve finally gotten around to posting the video on my YouTube channel, and there are more demos from that trip that I’ll post in next little while. Here’s the link.

20 Comments on “Low tide, high winds”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Love this!



  2. Laura Kate says:

    The video was splendid! I admire your perseverance in dealing with the brisk breeze.


  3. tylaraduncan says:

    Talk about capturing the essence! Both on paper and in the video. Great production teamwork. AND beautiful colour combinations.


  4. Loved your windy day in La Malbaie This is my attempt from the opposite aspect from Pointe au Pic looking at your painting location at quai Casgrain painted last August on a calm day!

    Regards Mary (Molly) Harvey



  5. Denise says:

    Fabulous! You’ve provided us with another awesome lesson. Thank you. BTW, who is your videographer? They do a great job👍


  6. Bernadette says:

    Wonderful video with instruction along the way! Surprised that most of your pencil lines disappeared in the wet washes. Great instruction and work of excellence! So nice to see your painting sunny, July painting as snow falls in Ohio. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thanks Bernadette. Yes, it is amazing that all that pencil melts away under the water. It was nice to go back to that sunny day for me too. It’s been so grey and rainy here. More snow coming next week!


  7. I love the video..especially your treatment of the sky and water. Just beautiful. It is very similar to our local beach scenes. You did well in that wind. I sketched near the beach this week however it was so hot I ended up sketching people. No watercolor. I think you were using your Etchr sketchbook in the video. Was it hot or cold press? Thank you for sharing.


  8. Soni says:

    what a great gift for all of us – very nice thing for you to do. Not fair you look so effortless in that wind ! I’m usually flailing, grabbing and sputtering with wind but loving every minute of the experience.

    Learned a lot as always – another masterpiece and your husband films beautifully.

    Thanks again.


  9. Deb says:

    Great demonstration of plein air in challenging weather. I really appreciated seeing your color choices which appeared more vibrant than the photo depicted. I say that as I read others discuss “local colors” and I want to have more tendency to use stronger colors than “I see” in plein air. I guess its personal style/preference. I’m going to binge on your YouTube videos this weekend. Thanks for all of your sharing, Shari. The Etchr Perfect Sketchbook is my all time favorite! I’ve used all their sketchbooks and any other brand that claimed 100% watercolor paper the past 10 years. Etchr is the best on the market now.


  10. Wow La MalBaie, such a beautiful area. I like how you got the people out on the beach walking.


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