Écureuil gris

I just calculated and it turns out that I sketched this wheelbarrow for the first time just over nine years ago, but it has taken all that time for a squirrel to pose for me. It was worth the wait, I would say. Now I can say that I have an oak, a squirrel and an acorn all in the same drawing. The squirrel was sketched today with a dip pen and black Carbon ink in a Handbook Watercolour Journal.

6 Comments on “Écureuil gris”

  1. Gerry Draper says:



  2. lois says:

    That little guy is the cutest touch!


  3. Marilyn Hansen says:

    Love this Shari! It reminds me of the wheelbarrow I park at my barn at the end of the day. Maybe I should do some sketching of that too!


  4. Great sketch, Yes dip pens can be wonderful for that scratchy feel and the line variation.. Happy Holidays to you and yours!! Eileen

    Eileen P. Goldenberg 415-305-0892 http://www.goldenbergdesigns.com



  5. Ginny says:

    I love how you’ve used crosshatching to create lighter and darker tones. I’m going to study this sketch!


  6. joantav says:

    That wheelbarrow has surely served you well and posed in so many of your pieces…but getting a squirrel too is the icing on the cake. lol


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