Big news day

I was intending to do a small watercolour this afternoon. A pretty snow scene from the Morgan Arboretum. But this afternoon I was riveted to the tv. There was news from here, and news from the US, so I sketched that instead. In Quebec we are going into “shock therapy” as our Premier describes it. Even more of a lockdown, four more weeks with the added bonus of a curfew, our first in this pandemic. And then there was Washington, DC. A curfew there too. What can I say? It wasn’t about the pretty pictures today.

30 Comments on “Big news day”

  1. Ruth Kaldor says:

    I’m so ashamed of our country


  2. Marilyn says:

    Interesting times, but not enjoyable. It’s up to us to show the beauty in the world. If not us then who?


  3. Renee Fittinghoff says:

    I was riveted to the news from DC as I painted a watercolor of burned out broken down house. In retrospect, how appropriate!


  4. mcammeehan says:

    We are living in truly difficult times, my daughter is working on her MA in science at U de M and she is following all of the protocols but I worry about her every day.

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  5. Rene Wojcik says:

    In the USA, trying times to say the least. Love your sketches….

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  6. Carolyn says:

    With all that was going on news wise Iam surprised you coukd concentrate enough to even sketch..and such a great job too!


    • Carolyn, it was very calming. I think that’s why I instinctively reached for a pen and paper. To simply sit and watch was too upsetting so I was able to sometimes focus on the drawing instead of the actual news. It really helped.


  7. lois says:

    Today was an absolutely awful day in America.


  8. Excellent reportage on a day that defies belief, on many fronts.


  9. toddpop1 says:

    It’s a wild ride down here in Virginia… scary is too mild a word!


  10. SasalaRW says:

    Take care and stay safe Shari. I havent been able to bring my self to watch news these days – but sketching the news may be the way to go 🙂


  11. Rodger Moore says:

    Shari I love all your work! When using the TV do you use the pause button?


    • Thanks so much Rodger. Good question! I don’t use the pause button, but these guys stay on screen for a long time. What I really wanted to capture was Premier Legault’s hands as he pleaded with people to stay at home. But they didn’t stay on screen for long enough. You can see my feeble attempts at capturing them.


  12. Donna says:

    I never thought I’d see such a scene in our America. I’m afraid it’s only the beginning of much unrest here. And the Pandemic adds to the tension. And trouble in the Mideast. There is no rest for the world.


    • It’s a terrible time indeed. Recently our son saw us watching the news and he asked why we were watching “the endless loop of doom”. I can’t NOT watch it even though it’s bad, but this is a REALLY bad week in a year of bad news .


  13. Life is difficult in so many ways, and here in the USA things are so scary. I was out and didn’t know about the protest and what was happening until later in the afternoon and then sat in horror watching what had taken place. I was too upset to sketch. You did a great job on these!


  14. Uma Maheswar Nakka says:

    Good Evening dear friend Shari,

    We are all worried, stressed, strained and disturbed very much from our routine and normal life. What can we do, follow safety as much as possible. And children are doing online classes without practical’s. Once a week only limited number of students have to attend practicals. They are feeling so much for missing school and friends.
    We have to wait, not only for tour safety but also for others.


  15. Anna Pavlova says:

    Thank you, Shari. We here in DC are feeling embarrassed. I do love the sketches. And so excited for the winter online course- just what I was hoping for!


    • Hi Anna,
      Thanks so much for writing. I sure hope things get better there soon.
      And thanks for having a look at the new course. I’ve been wanting to do this one for such a long time!


  16. Thomas Doyle says:

    Shari, I live in DC and the whole thing is crazy. Just seeing the news about how it could get worse in the next ten days. Staying at home and painting has been a great outlet. I love the pen and ink drawing here. I like how you captured the moment. I purchased your sketching boats demo so I can practice. DC has one of the largest liveaboard boat communities on the East Coast. I have some friends that live there and thought it would be fun to paint the marina as gifts for them.


    • HI Thomas, Thanks so much for writing. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in DC at the moment. The news is scary and hard to watch, especially as they reveal more details of the events of January 6. I hope you enjoy the boats demo and I bet your friends would love a marina painting. Stay safe and stay healthy!


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