Old pole, new pole, and some rust in between

A girl in a tank top. A dog with his head out the car window, ears flapping in the breeze. A runner in shorts. Half a dozen office workers strolling and eating ice cream on a lunch break. A man on a racing bike. These are just a few of the sights that passed me by as I was sketching from my car today. I know we were all thinking the same thing. Well, actually I’m not sure what the dog was thinking but I’m pretty sure all the people were feeling pretty joyful. As for me, it didn’t matter that my drawing felt as rusty as the rods holding the old pole and the new pole together. I was smiling anyway. Spring is on the way.

13 Comments on “Old pole, new pole, and some rust in between”

  1. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    A lovely day here in Western Washington too. I’ve got scratches on my arms from pruning away sticker bushes from an area in my yard that soon will have hydrangeas and a few nameless as yet perennials. Now I sit freezing as I recover from the cold. It was beautiful but nippy in the afternoon air. Time for a cup of hot tea!


  2. Laura Kate says:

    Pretty soon there will be no snow scenes to paint.


  3. mcammeehan says:

    We got up to 17 where I am! Great inspo!


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    Again-you are so good at painting everyday scenes and people. Love this limited palette and the use of blue.(which blue is it?) I don’t know why but this painting makes me happy.


  5. Great scene sketched on a spring day! It made me smile. Love the reflections in the puddles.


  6. Yep time to rush on summer and go outside in shorts and a tee shirt and sit in the snowbank. lol that warm taste was wonderful but of course it is getting cool again now. I really like how you captured the people and street in your painting.


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