Sketching Eva

Last evening I spent a few hours chatting and drawing with fellow sketcher Marek Badzynski on Instagram live. Marek picked the reference image of Eva (courtesy of Christina by The River), and it was all Canadian content — me in Montreal, Marek in Toronto, and the image taken in the fishing community of Finn Slough in BC. If you don’t know Marek’s work, check out his stunning graphite drawings on Instagram. And if you are interested in seeing how we both tackled the subject in completely different ways, the video is available on Marek’s IGTV archive.

An upcoming event that you may want to add to your calendar is the CSPWC’s first-ever live online critique on March 25th, with accomplished Canadian painter Brian Atyeo and Sheryl Fletcher-Coon, president of the TWSA. Brian and Sheryl will be looking at submissions from artists and offering helpful advice on composition, colour, tone, gradient and more. This is a great opportunity to learn how top artists analyze paintings — insights you can use when working on your own work. Lots more info about tickets and registration here.

5 Comments on “Sketching Eva”

  1. Sara says:

    Thanks so much for allowing us all to watch your mastery. The comment about seeing as an architect vs as a graphic designer rings very true..a light went off when you said that. Here in Seattle, Tom Hoffmann has a new show at the Fountainhead Gallery. He has spoken of having you in his class once. I wish you could see the works in person as I did this afternoon. He’s spectacular at portraying light. I love the classes I have taken from you online…hope to get back to it soon. Illness has interceded a little for now, but just watching people make art lifts my spirits. Thanks again, sara


    • Hi Sara, Thanks so much for writing. It made me happy to read about Tom Hoffmann. I have so much respect for that man, both as a person and as a painter. He is so generous. I went on the website of the Fountainhead Gallery and I was able to see all the work. Just beautiful, but I’m sure not as wonderful as seeing it in person. I wish I could take another workshop with him. So glad you enjoyed the live session with Marek. We are planning another one for April 9th. Hope you are recovering from your illness. Shari


  2. Bernadette says:

    While the sun shines here in Ohio today, there is still a chill in the air as temps hover near 40 degrees. It’s wonderful to see a beautifully painted beach scene. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


    • Bernadette, we are having that same type of thing here too. I took Alice out to play ball and there was a fierce wind blowing. I am looking forward to more signs of spring. I’m sure you are too.


  3. This is really lovely, Shari. I wish I had seen the two of you sketching together, but I missed it. I didn’t see the reference photo but I know you must have edited it and eliminated a lot of the detail. That is always the part that intrigues me…what to leave in and what to leave out. I hope you and your family are doing OK through the quarantine. I get my 2nd vaccine on Tuesday and my husband gets his 2 weeks later, so maybe I will feel a little more relaxed when that is done.I do go out but almost always sketch from my car.


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