In the snow: bulbs 31-34

As predicted, we woke up to falling snow today. Not just falling, but actually staying on the ground type of snow. If not for the 200 bulb project, I would not have sketched outside, but I knew it would be possible to do since the sketchbook is small and I was close to the house.

My easel is hinged so I was able to clip my book vertically to keep it as dry as possible. And I worked in gouache, knowing that it would dry quickly. I still had snowflakes on the paper, but droplets on gouache do not do as much damage as they do on watercolour — something to keep in mind for other outings.

I kept my easel quite low to the ground and sat on my camp stool. As you can see, there were no birds in the birdbath to keep me company today.

38 Comments on “In the snow: bulbs 31-34”

  1. Northern Traveller says:

    Well done! Brave soul.
    You’ll soon be updating your “Favourite Sketching Tools” with best down coat & fingerless gloves. Mary

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  2. Marilyn Hansen says:

    Hi Shari!
    Your post is making me shiver LOL, we had summer here yesterday in New Jersey! Looks so pretty your painting and I’m glad to see the Cup easel is working for you. I love mine.
    Hope you can put away your winter coat soon!


    • Hi Marilyn, I talked to my uncle in New Jersey yesterday. He also told me about the nice weather he was having.
      I did put away my winter coat and boots last week but had to haul them back out. Hopefully this is the last week of winter clothing. I am fed up!! But I love my cup easel!!


  3. After seeing this I have no excuses to not be out painting! Loving this bulb series!


  4. Janet says:

    You make me feel lazy. Your fortitude is amazing.


  5. susie langley says:

    Great to see you out there painting. How did you get that gorgeous blue-purple colour?


  6. CindyWahlstrom says:

    Love your dedication!


  7. lois says:

    You are one dedicated painter, Shari! But the result is beautiful.


  8. Linda says:

    That’s dedication. Love your posts. Your work is inspiring.


  9. gramaspaint says:

    love your work!


  10. Iona says:

    Wow, that’s dedication! Thank you!! Reminds me of Poppy Balser in Nova Scotia who paints outside in winter too. I’m sorry you have snow. It’s a nice spring on the west coast… this time!
    Love this accordion book series, what a great idea and such a beautiful record.


  11. Donna says:

    I just love the dark purple hyacinths you have! They are so sturdy and the deer won’t eat them. Your grass looks so green already. You are a trooper!!! I’ve seen that easel you are using somewhere, does it close using magnates? Vibrant color as usual.


    • Thanks Donna! They are sturdy but today they look completely frozen. When the snow melts, they may be completely wilted. We’ll see if they recover or not. I hope so. As for the easel, yes, it does close with magnets. It’s really well designed.


  12. Bernadette says:



  13. cmosman says:

    Shari what is the easel that you’re us ing. Also you have a watercolor palate in your favorite t
    Oils that has 3mixing areas I’ve been looking for one can you identify it for me? Thanks so much


  14. Sorry for the snow, but it DOES enliven the story of this sketchbook. Spring wouldn’t be spring without a little touch of winter. Love the set up, too.

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  15. Good Afternoon dear friend Shari,

    Beautiful sketches And nice seeing you painting with snowfall around.



  16. Andrei Zakovorotny says:

    Love your sketches. They are very characteristic, instantly recognizable, always fresh and true watercolors.


  17. I got some pictures of the Daffodils in the snow, and I am hoping the garden will be fine. I noticed today when I looked out, all my tulip buds seem to be lopsided. Hopefully they straighten out and bloom normally. Stuff just started growing way too early this year, and of course it froze up. There are leaves on the trees now which are at least a week earlier than normal.


  18. Judy Sopher says:

    I just found this post and there isn’t much left to say! Lovely paintings. Never saw that easel before. Wonder if it would be useful indoors as I have to paint almost on my lap with my eyesight changed. and–I must be the only one that misses snow. We won’t have anymore till winter.


  19. I love seeing you there painting in the snow. What dedication!


  20. Brrrrrr you’re making me shiver down here in Australia.


  21. Elaine says:

    Shari, love all your flower painting. Could you please tell us what brand stool you are using. Looks like it has attached pockets.


    • Hi Elaine,
      Thanks so much! The camp stool is something I bought decades ago. It’s a fantastic stool but I don’t think they make these anymore. I cut off the tag so I don’t have a brand but I probably bought it in the eighties : )


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