In the wind: bulbs 26-30

When I started this ambitious project of sketching the 200 bulbs that I planted last autumn, I imagined sitting outside in the warm spring sun. But this week is unseasonably cold, and today I was wrapped in a parka and wearing a hat and gloves. I’m pretty sure a few snowflakes hit my sketchbook, and I had to hang on to the accordion book so that it wouldn’t blow away in the wind. I did manage to sketch the next group of hyacinths, which are beautiful but too heavy for their stalks. They’ve flopped over in the garden, and I have a feeling that tomorrow they’ll be covered in snow, if the forecast on my weather app is correct.

I was hoping to spend a bit more time on the drawing and painting of these but the wind was just too strong. I tried to convey the deep purple of the flowers with just a few washes, mainly a mix of Cobalt Blue and Quin Rose with some darks added at the end. Luckily the fierce wind worked in my favour because drying time was mercifully quick and I was able to get back into the warmth of the house in good time.

9 Comments on “In the wind: bulbs 26-30”

  1. duffmerryfield says:

    you are SO dedicated, Shari!!! i can just picture you, your description is vivid and my memory of similar days still lingers!! here in Sechelt it is glorious, we’re having quite a spell of fabulous weather, i’m longing for a bit less sun and slightly lower temp in order for the tulips to stay around. the cherry trees are mostly done, what a sight they were. i’m really enjoying the series you’re presently sketching, carry on!! best to you Beverley


  2. Northern Traveller says:

    I loooove this ongoing documentation! Beautiful.
    Tonight in Toronto am covering my geraniums with a tarp….!!!!!!!!


  3. Bernadette says:

    Great panoramic view of spring blooms! So nice to see both the art of the day as well as a roll out of all you’ve painted so far. What a wonderful idea!
    We too are expecting snowfall this evening. Couldn’t get outdoors to paint tulips at Botanical Garden….too cold for me. I painted the view from the glass doors leading to the gardens. Next week is looking much better.


  4. Marylin Smith says:

    This is going to be a gorgeous book Shari!


  5. I think you got the hyacinths just right! Bravo to you for braving the cold wind today. Not me! I cut daffodils to bring inside.
    I’m enjoying the numbering and the wee notes!
    (FYI – the first year or two the hyacinth flowers are really huge and heavy, but they usually diminish in size to something more wind-resistant by year three. No I’m not an expert, I just happened to be reading about hyacinths today)


  6. AshleyWolff says:

    48 in central Vermont–and expecting snow. April-you are cruel.


  7. lois says:

    I think these are all beautiful. The weather here in Florida is pretty nice for our very short spring season, but the rain….!!! Every single weekend!


  8. Sue Ferrell says:

    I love the deep colors on this!


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