Bulbs 52-71

The good new today is that the tulips are blooming, but the bad news (for the tulips only!) is that the weather is getting nicer which means they may not last long. I have a feeling that I will be scrambling to capture them all before they’re gone. I’m also happy to report that so far the squirrels have been kind. That may change, but as of today there are only one or two that have been beheaded, and they are not in these clumps. I sketched today in both gouache and watercolour in my ever-evolving Seawhite of Brighton Concertina sketchbook.

15 Comments on “Bulbs 52-71”

  1. Marilyn Hansen says:

    Love your flower painting! You would have loved the Tulip Festival we had at a farm near my home. Acres of lines of tulips – great for outdoor sketching with my cup easel!


    • Marilyn, for years I have been envious when I see my friends in WA painting those fields. I hope you and your cup easel enjoyed the outing. I would have been there too!


  2. Elaine Robinson says:

    Your purples are so magnificent and lively. What colors are you using


  3. Denise says:

    Beautiful variety of greens! Love the deep purple as well. How did you get such a rich color? Can’t wait to see the whole garden.


  4. Bernadette says:

    It’s exciting to see all the colors popping up on paper. Your yard must look great. I was encouraged to look thorough a flower catalog today. Maybe I can get my yard to be a showplace next spring. Thanks for the inspiration to paint and plant!


    • Bernadette, that’s great to hear. It’s nice to have subjects to paint right in your own backyard, and knowing I would not be travelling this year is why I added these bulbs. I do have lots of perennials but not much spring colour so this is helping fill the gap before the perennials bloom.


  5. Good Morning dear friend Shari,

    Both are looking very beautiful, the one with yellow, green and pinkish-red is really eye-catching.
    and the one with blue and olive green is equally competing.
    Very lovely.


    • Thanks so much for having a look at my tulips. I hope you are well.


      • Good Afternoon dear friend Shari,

        By the blessings and the grace of the Lord and your best wishes, we are safe and happy.

        We are having 21 hours lockdown, shops open only from 7 am till 10 am with Medical stores as an exception.

        Most of the items we order On Line which is very beneficial and comfortable.

        Vegetables and other ration items are sold on platforms and easy to buy except Non Veg items.

        For other items, that need to go to shops, we have to stand in a queue maintaining minimum distance and then run to another shop.

        We need to plan the items to buy with a list so that it is easy and fast for the shopkeeper to deliver the items.

        Anyway, life is going well, though a bit boring sitting at home.

        There is a saying ‘Anything God does is only for our own good’.

        All the best and good luck.



  6. Gerry says:

    Very nice. Can you suggest the name of a dietician I could refer my local squirrel population to. Thanks in advance.


  7. Nice sketches of your bulbs, are those blueish purple tulips, or something else.


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