Alliums in the rain

The alliums in my garden look best at the end of the day. When the low sun hits them they glow against the dark fence, floating like purple globes over the rest of the garden. I was hoping for that effect today but instead it started to rain while I was sketching. I have another few days before they turn into skeletons, so maybe I’ll be able to capture the scene tomorrow. You might also enjoy seeing how Jean Mackay captured the alliums in her neighbourhood.

15 Comments on “Alliums in the rain”

  1. Cindy Wahlstrom says:



  2. Denise says:

    Purple and green is one of my favorite combos! I have been following Jean’s work for a couple of years now. Love it when my favorite artists mention each other in their posts!

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  3. What fun to see you and Jean both painting Alliums today!

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  4. I’m glad I painted my alliums before the weather turned cold and rainy. I had that lovely evening glow that you mentioned. Hope the weather improves before the allium are gone. But, then we’ll be on to the next beauty. I was in New Hampshire this weekend speed-sketching pink lady slipper orchids and painted trillium while dodging black flies.

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    • I guess we all had a cold spell this weekend but I just looked at the forecast for next week and it looks like a scorcher. The alliums will be gone but the poppies will be open!


  5. Laura Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing your sketch. And thanks for telling us about Jean’s blog.


  6. sandidureice says:

    So lovely! Brightening up a lockdown in Melbourne.


  7. Susie Langley says:

    What a pretty Garden Shari. I love the alliums … and have noticed the busy bees at work in the Allen Gardens in Toronto. I applaud your love of flowers and your garden.


  8. So lovely. Love the sense of water in the bird bath.
    Yes, Jean’s alliums were terrific!


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