Late afternoon

From my low chair on the beach, the view I see is mostly sky, which suits me fine since it’s a great day for painting clouds. The beach is pretty crowded because it’s American Thanksgiving, so entire families are set up on the beach. From my spot I can eavesdrop on a long discussion about all the dishes that need to be prepared for the holiday meal — shrimp needs deveining, sweet potatoes need peeling and cans of cranberry sauce need opening. There are probably countless turkeys roasting in ovens as I sketch. If you are celebrating the holiday today, I hope it is a wonderful one with family and friends!

The scene I painted today is the very same one I painted in my online course, “Sketching Skies in Gouache“. Many of my most popular courses are 30% off for Black Friday week. Just use the coupon code LUNARBLACK30 at checkout for Luminous Colours, Victorian Vignettes, Sketching Winter, Sketching Fresh Flowers, Sketching Boats, Sketching Structure in the Garden, Still, Rushing, Falling Water, The Broken Mill, Mexican Street Scene and Light, Colour Shadow. And of course Sketching Skies in Gouache. The sale is on until Monday, November 29 at midnight ET.

16 Comments on “Late afternoon”

  1. Renee Fittinghoff says:

    I recognize that scene from ‘Sketching Skies in Gouache’! Skies here are not as ominous as the oncoming storm clouds from the class. Might you do another gouache class? ‘Skies’ was very inspiring.


  2. Susan says:

    I see that life is treating you very badly these days. Lovely.


  3. Northern Traveller says:

    And I hope you are having a wonderful time too! Ironically, I’m in Montreal this weekend to see a friend’s show in Papier :). xo


  4. De says:

    Beautiful beach scene with that big sky. Love that you laid the sketchbook in the sand for the photo. Enjoy your time in the south!


  5. sandidureice says:

    This is beautiful.


  6. Marilyn Hansen says:

    Sounds wonderful sitting on the beach on Thanksgiving! My dad lives at the beach, but it was too cold today to sit on the beach, so we celebrated inside! Love your sketch and the sale prices are a great incentive to finally add another course or two. Thank you Shari and Happy Thanksgiving from the U.S.!


  7. Great sketch, I like the low horizon line. And I really like the photo of the sketchbook in the sand.


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