From three to four

From three to four p.m. today I looked out my window and painted a view of my neighbour’s house. You can probably see from the drips and blobs that this was done quickly. I wanted to catch that fleeting winter light so I used a big flat brush. Just as I started to paint the neighbours came out of the house and drove off in the two cars, so whatever details are there were painted from memory. As for the orange cones in the middle of the street, don’t ask! I have no idea why they have been there for weeks and weeks.

13 Comments on “From three to four”

  1. Pegret Harrison says:

    The cones are there cause the orange matches your neighbor’s house!


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  2. Great winter watercolors these past few posts, love them.


  3. AshleyWolff says:

    You have quite a bit more snow there than I have in central VT. That’s supposed to change very soon! I think you are a fantastic painter.


  4. What drips and blobs!?
    You have indeed captured that wonderful afternoon light! The cones… well, isn’t that just a normal feature on the island of Montreal? Shouldn’t you make a point of adding them to all your urban scenes? 🙂


  5. I suggest you put a hat, carrot nose and a scarf on each cone and all them Snowmen cones or “Snowcones”. Iif you have to keep looking at the damn things at least they would be more interesting! Love the sketch!

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  6. sandidureice says:

    Just beautiful!


  7. Northern Traveller says:

    I love the colours Shari! Sunny…..!!!!!!
    Cones in the back of your car is a brilliant idea – LOL. xo


  8. Alberta Smith says:



  9. Nice capture of the light…glad you painted quickly. Your snow paintings are always so great!!


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