I love experimenting with pigments, and I guess I never get tired of finding new combinations for foliage colours. Today I used Hooker’s Green. It’s a fairly artificial-looking warm green on its own, but in combination with a bit of Ultramarine or a little Hansa Yellow or Quin Gold, it works quite well for the Alstroemeria leaves from my grocery store bouquet. Also, by using a single green as my base, all the greens in the sketch — light or dark — have a unity of colour. Hooker’s Green does not have a permanent spot on my palette, but I’m thinking it should. As for the flowers, Quin Coral and Hansa Yellow work well together to get that rosy colour of the petals.

18 Comments on “Alstroemeria”

  1. Your bouquets never disappoint! I love the solid feel of the bouquet and then the lightness of the stems and petals. All the flower shapes are so beautifully observed and drawn. Stunning!




  2. Chris Rusk says:

    Has a lot of vitality – so fresh 🙂


  3. De says:

    A beautiful cheery Spring bouquet! Ironically, I recently started using my hookers green in mixes and felt I’d put aside years ago too hastily. Always great to shop in our stash and make a new discovery. Always appreciate your sharing!


  4. Donna R says:

    Shari, You are such a wonderful artist. I enjoy seeing the beautiful art you share.


  5. art4coz says:

    It totally should have a spot. It’s a green that can swing cold and warm very quickly.


  6. Bernadete says:

    Exceptionally nice! I’ll have to try that color combination soon. Thanks



    So beautiful! Perfect! One of my favorite flowers, do you sell prints of this?


  8. -N- says:

    What brand of Hooker’s are you using? They can vary so much. I think I have tried them all, but haven’t found one that I love as much of the stuff I used years ago – I am pretty sure it was W&N. Maybe I should get another tube of it as I haven’t used it from them in years . . . . as always, wonderful flowers! And yes, add the Hooker’s to your palette – it is my all time favorite base green and makes colors I cannot make otherwise!


  9. Denise says:

    Thanks for the tip regarding the Hookers Green. I’m pretty sure I have a tube of it in my arsenal. I guess I’ll have to dig it out and give it a try! Also, making a note to get some Quin Coral. That also looks pretty versatile.


  10. Judy Sopher says:

    Just lovely, Shari. I used to use Hookers green. Don’t know why I stopped but think I will try again.


  11. Gail Jones says:

    Love all your posts and read every one. Bought multiple courses from you and intend to start on them very soon. I also bought Hookers Green by Winsor and Newton because it seems like it is used a lot in landscapes as well as your pretty greens here.


  12. Ralph Bailey says:

    I really like this watercolour
    Thankyou for sharing
    I enjoy your regular inspiring posts
    Ralph Bailey


  13. I like hookers green. It mixes well with other colors. Nice shapes in the bouquet!


  14. susanne Abrams says:

    Hi Shari, Thanks for sharing on Sketchbook Revival and your blog. Your posts are a constant reminder to go and sketch the beauty in the world. Love this bouquet with the yummy Alstroemeria and lovely greens!!

    I am not a big social media user so glad I can just Email you. I want to send you the Royal Tern that I just finished from my photos in a second email. I experimented with a wet on wet technique for the bicycle. I just bought a shell collection so I incorporated that and I used mixed media ( a ball point pen in the background and salt in the foreground.) My goal was a contrast in textures, experiment and a dash of whimsy.
    Now I will try to send the photo of the artwork if it is possible. Susanne Abrams
    Sent from my iPad


  15. Nice painting, I really like your bright oranges and greens, Also your very thin pencil lines add a lot of detail which seems to work in contrast to the blotchy colours. Does Alstroemeria have any other names, so many names to these plants, it looks a bit like a Dipadenia. And since it has the word -merica in it, I am sure it is native to the “New World” In the summer, we do have a lot of Central American plants, Annuals. But I am not sure I’ve seen this one at any Garden Centre in Canada.


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