Falling peonies

Susanne‘s garden is especially nice in June and I often join her to paint poppies. Sometimes I miss the blooming of the peonies, which are usually the following week, but I made it this year! I love the way they look when they fall over and rain petals on the grass. Painted on a quarter sheet of Fabriano CP 140 lb paper.

12 Comments on “Falling peonies”

  1. kgkiddey says:

    mine are doing the same thing! I love the colours you have on the buds!


  2. sandidureice says:

    Just beautiful! I love the flowers. There’s no detail in them just lights, and the placement of the darks makes them look like flowers. I think this painting is a good lesson in making every brushstroke count.


  3. Marilyn Hansen says:

    Love your peony painting! I didn’t catch my peonies in time as I meant to take them inside to paint. Rain and wind hit and the mess was made šŸ˜¦ Happy to see yours painted alive and well!!


  4. nancyblasberg says:



  5. Denise says:

    Beautiful in their simplicity, my favorite flower to paint in spring! And Jean Mackey posted poppies today, my other favorite! A double header Sunday morning!


  6. steponeofsix says:

    Love this capture – those shadows!


  7. Alison Hall says:

    Wonderful volume and depth.


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