Out of season

I’m out of sync with the season. I should be painting something from the garden instead of the grocery store. I should be eating strawberries instead of pears. I should be painting outside instead of inside. But sometimes it’s just nice to set up a simple still life on a table, turn on the music, and spend a few hours in my studio. Painted on a pad of Arches paper, 10 x 14″, with a mostly limited palette of Quin Coral, Ultramarine and Hansa Yellow.

24 Comments on “Out of season”

  1. sandidureice says:

    Another beautiful painting. I will have to look up Quin Coral, it makes a nice triad. I first learnt about triads in your Craftsy landscape class several years ago. It began my understanding about colour and mixes.


  2. De says:

    I admire how you can make a beautiful painting out of the simple things of life. In spite of life being “different than the norm”, you seem to make the best of it. We all must learn to do that. I’ve added quin coral to my palette since you have demonstrated it’s use. Hate to admit I had it in my drawer but you introduced me to its wonderful beauty.


  3. Tami says:

    Shari, no matter what the season, all that you’ve painted is gorgeous!


  4. Jude Hanson says:

    I think many of us are ‘out of sync’ – but it’s sure a bright spot seeing your work and reading your notes!


  5. lois says:

    You do so much with so little. Your small palettes always fascinate me, Shari.


  6. Denise says:

    I can’t keep track of all your fabulous triad combos-this looks like another winner. I absolutely love this painting!


  7. Bernadette says:

    It’s hard to add any more to what comments have already said. It is beautiful, colors, composition and subjects. The pears, one with label are so well done and invite us to eat and enjoy. It’s another success story in shape and color.


  8. Ruth Johnson says:

    You are so right, a limited pallet and taking a moment to relax and just paint something simple … A wonderful thought!
    Thanks Shari..


  9. Maria Hager says:

    Wherever Shari Blaukopf paints, whatever the circumstances – it always comes out LOVELY!


  10. It’s obvious from the painting that it was a very enjoyable time in the studio!


  11. susie langley says:



  12. I like the vibrancy of your flowers and the dark greens you were able to get. It is always a pleasure to see your work.


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