Boat Launch

It’s still testing week for me. I packed the new and improved version of my travel sketch kit, and unpacked it at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club. I worked from my folding chair, with my Stablo Easel on my lap.

The lap easel is great. I clipped a pad of watercolour paper to it, and the only issue I had is that when I angle it too much, or over-fill the cup, the water spills out a bit onto my feet. But that is a minor issue than I can overcome if I pay attention to it. A while ago I put out a video about my plein air sketching tools. Recently I added a new demo about working while seated. In the video, I show the Stablo easel, as well as using a piece of Coroplast to attach your gear to. If you’re interested, have a look.

5 Comments on “Boat Launch”

  1. Northern Traveller says:

    I love these sketches you do of working or industrial spaces – so interesting – they beg for a story…. This is beautiful as usual :).

    Thanks too for the free kit instruction – so appreciated. I always paint seated so am looking forward to this one :).


  2. Susan Furrie says:

    I have an account with you as I own several of your courses. I have tried and tried signing in and even went for a new password and have not been able to do so. I am so disappointed as I was looking forward to this video as I love to go out to sketch. Please advise.


  3. With all the docks, boat launches and boatyards we have around here, I’m always fascinated by the “stuff” that is piled up around the area. It does make interesting scenes.


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