Tom’s Burned Down Cafe

I’m posting Madeline Island sketches in reverse order. This is actually the last one I did, but I haven’t had any time at all to scan this week, and I had a photo of this one. On the last morning before saying our goodbyes, the whole group of us (students and instructors) spent a final few hours together in the town of La Pointe. People sketched all sorts of things (boats, motorcycles, storefronts) but I had to get in one last one of Tom’s Burned Down Cafe. It was my location when I taught last year, so it was a reunion of sorts with the big white tarps, the jumble of crazy signs, and the assorted flags. It’s my favourite subject on the island. Sketched on a block of Hahnemuhle The Collection Watercolour paper.

3 Comments on “Tom’s Burned Down Cafe”

  1. I see someone else was sketching the view too. I love places like this. Nicely done!


  2. Rlschaffer says:

    What a fun crazy scene. That place looks like it is begging to be painted!

    I just bought a pad of the Hahnemuhle Collections paper and the new 100% cotton watercolor book. I think these may be a nice upgrade to my attempts at art.


  3. Denise says:

    I can see why you like this scene so much. The big white tarp looks like a boat sail. All it needs is water!


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