Two from Barcelona

The last time I visited Barcelona was in 2013. It was my first time in the city, and also my first time teaching at an Urban Sketchers symposium. I remember loving the city, and seeing a fair bit of it too, but what I remember most is how nervous I was about teaching for the first time at such a big event. I sketched in a few iconic spots — in front of the Sagrada Familia, and also on the Plaça Catalunya — but there were lots of things I didn’t get to sketch. I also didn’t get to visit any museums.

This week I’m doing a bit of catch up. I have two days here (not counting the first sleep-deprived day when we landed) before I meet my workshop group and we head north towards the Costa Brava. After a visit to the Museu Picasso, we spent a bit of time sitting on the plaza in front of the Barcelona Cathedral. I remember hoping to but never finding the time to draw this ornate 14th century Gothic treasure on my first visit here. This time, it was sad to round the corner into the Pla de la Seu square and see that the whole top of the building is covered in scaffolding and shrouded in a massive ad for a Samsung Galaxy tablet, but hey, I sketched that too.

After a visit to the Maritime Museum, we sat in the shade of a palm and I sketched a guy sitting in the shade of a palm. I was going to add in the building in the distance but I think the composition is more interesting without it.

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  1. Laura Kate says:

    I agree with you about the man-under-palm-tree sketch.

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  2. jeremc1maccom says:

    Hi Shari
    Getting excited about Greece
    Pulled out a Frank webb book ,energies” I’ve had and am marveling at his color explanations …and so much more
    As always thanks

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  3. lois says:

    Ugh. Companies have no shame with their advertising. But, hey, your drawing is still wonderful.

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  4. Hi Shari :). I happen to love the darn ad inserted into the whole scene – it’s colourful, real and oddly whimsical to me :).

    God, I love Barcelona…..the Picasso museum is fantastic. And Parc Guel / Casa Museu Gaudi, of course, if you can get there when it’s not too busy. We walked from there to downtown and spent some time in a lovely neighbourhood called Gracia. Another lovely surprise was the Miro museum – and the Park alongside it – where we took a nap :). And the Barcelona Pavilion…..and…and…and………We did a tour of La Pedrera at night – also a treat. But I think my favourite of all was the chimney rooftop on Casa Batllo – just beautiful…..
    I hope you have a lovely teaching stint in the Costa Brava – it’s supposed to be marvellous. xoxoxo


    • Hi Mary, I think you love Barcelona as much as I do. We really only had two days here and we took it slowly. There were a thousand things I wanted to do but only some made it to the final short list. Parc Guell will have to be for next time, but we did meet a good friend for dinner in Gracia. You’re right, a beautiful neighbourhood. We ate outside in a restaurant on Plaça del Sol. Full of young people enjoying life, and the warm September air. Of course we cherish every moment that we can be eating outside. We had a long walk back to our hotel which is off La Rambla. We sat on a bench outside La Pedrera, just to marvel at its construction. And then of course walked by Casa Batllo. Barcelona is beautiful at night, and much less crowded so far more enjoyable. Now I look forward to spending some days by the sea. Thanks for writing! And I am glad I included the darn ad too.


  5. Donna says:

    The Samsung sign!!! Oh my. Did you have time to go inside? Your sketch is perfect as usual. Enjoy your time there.


  6. robynfrance says:

    Wow–these are so beautiful. I wish I were on this trip!


  7. I hate when I am looking forward to sketching or painting something only to find it covered in scaffolding. I’m glad you were able to make a great sketch anyway!


  8. Betsy says:

    How frustrating about the scaffolding and advertisement! Still, your fondness for utilitarian elements of the city landscape — puddles and alleys, signage and electrical wires — seems to have served you well on this occasion.


  9. Judy Sopher says:

    Envious of you. My niece just got back from there and raved about it. I love when you show a photo along side what you are working on. Hope you will post more from this trip.


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