Wind from the west

These fall days have been gorgeous but I know they won’t last. Every day that I get out to paint in October seems like a gift, especially since the boats are still in the water. I’ve painted this scene at the breakwater many times, but today there were some unusual patterns in the water. The lake was calm enough for reflections yet there was movement created by a light wind from the west. A circular wave rippled below the rocks, and I have to admit I was mystified by how to paint it. I stared at it for a long time, took a deep breath, and tried to paint it with some simplified brush strokes.

11 Comments on “Wind from the west”

  1. I like the interesting movement of the water.! How lucky that the weather has been fairly mild and people don’t seem to be in a hurry to take their boats out of the water. It gives you more opportunities to capture these scenes before the snow starts falling.


  2. Mary Robbins says:

    This is an amazing painting. I love your style! Is this in a sketchbook?


  3. Barbara Noble says:

    Is this one watercolor or gouache? I like the tree and it looks opaque.


  4. I think you did it! Beautiful!


  5. Carol Cooney says:

    Absolutely stunning.


  6. De says:

    Beautiful autumn painting. Two of my favorite things, moving water (except from a hurricane) and autumn colors.


  7. Holly Hall says:

    You nailed it. That’s a wonderful painting. I am curious what size it is and what paper are you painting on? I love following your blog and still look back to our time in Italy with pleasure. Holly


  8. Bernadette says:



  9. Alison Hall says:

    You got it! Taking that deep breath was key!
    This is so beautifully captured. I can feel myself resting on that boat, rocking gently. Brings back memories of days on my parents’ sailboat. 🙂


  10. Y.B. De Ridder says:

    I have to admit, when looking at your Insta story of this one, I was intrigued by the emphasis on certain parts like fe the rocks. Overall it makes a very interesting sketch of an otherwise more (boat, rocks) or less (water) ordinary scene. As always, beautiful!


  11. Chris Rusk says:

    I get it. Such a difficult surface to describe – bravo for taking it on and bravo again for showing the viewer what you meant.

    I once saw a painting in gouache that had been executed by a french painter, about one hundred years ago. The pattern the wind made on the water was not legible to me until I viewed his work onscreen – even then, as courageous an effort as it was, his depiction was not half as successful as yours is today.

    Well done!


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