On my recent workshop in Greece we spent a night in Delphi. If you’ve been there, you know that the famous archeological site is worth the drive from Athens, not only because it’s where you’ll see the Temple of Apollo, but also because the vistas of Mount Parnassus and the surrounding valleys from the ruins are breathtaking.

Our first sketching spot was the Tholos at the sanctuary of Athena Pronaea β€” where we found a shady spot under some trees that overlooked the three remaining Doric columns of the structure.

On our second day we walked up to the larger site of the Temple of Apollo. If you visit archeological sites in Greece, keep in mind that you may not be permitted to sketch on location, which was the case here, and I believe is also true at the Acropolis. It’s understandable that the Greek Archaeological Service would not be in favour of paint splatters on the stones and columns, nor would they want sketchers blocking the paths through the ruins. With that in mind, we took lots of photos at the temple and worked from those references later in the day.

12 Comments on “Delphi”

  1. Donna Skelcy says:

    The stones look great, nice choice of colors there. I would never have thought to use those red colors on the stones.


    • I took a lot of liberty with the colours Donna. They are mostly warm grey but they also pick up lots of colour from the surroundings. I drew a lot of rocks on this trip, and I also did lots of experimenting with colours on the stone.


  2. TonyU says:

    Lovely sketches. Never been to Delphi but now I feel a little like I have.


  3. jankto says:

    Your sketches bring back wonderful warm memories. I’m so sorry to hear that sketching on location is no longer permitted. I often had fun conversations when people looked over my shoulder or brought “don’t rush” messages from my mother who didn’t want to climb as high as I did. No one else seemed to be sketching when I was there anyway. Greece even surpassed my expectations – would love to go back.


  4. I love these…they really capture the feeling of these ancient places. I was able to sketch at the Acropolis, but I was alone and I was holding my supplies in my lap and next to me. It was early before it got crowded and only the people that happened to be right near me could tell what I was doing. Funny thing was I started talking to a couple and they lived about 20 minutes away from me here in NY. I loved being in Greece!


  5. Brenda Porter says:

    Beautiful! I’d love to know what colors you took to Greece!


    • HI Brenda, I took my regular palette to Greece but it worked well because I have so many colours in there. I used lots of blues of course, and lots of Naples Yellow too. But it was the same palette as always.


  6. Kristel says:

    Hi Shari! So beautiful, and inspiring, as I start to look forward to travel! I came across one of your videos or posts on paints and you mentioned a Sennelier paint or two — can you please share with me, are you able to travel with them, and how many days do they need to dry for? Thank you so much!


    • HI Kristel,
      Thanks so much for writing, and having a look at the sketches. I don’t travel with Sennelier tube paints. They are too liquid because they are honey-based, much like M. Graham paints. I do have a small pan set of Sennelier that I love because when you add water they give you very saturated colour, and I do have some colours in tubes that I use in my studio too. But if I were to travel, I would bring the pan versions.


  7. Planning to visit this amazing place, I see you enjoyed it a lot, great sketches!


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