401 sketches

Highway 401 between Montreal and Toronto is a flat and mostly boring 5-hour drive, but this weekend the trees were ablaze with autumn colour and that made car sketching such a treat. I love creating a grid of little rectangles on my sketchbook page and filling them in with mini landscapes. I usually start by trying to find one interesting tree or the silhouette of a hillside, and then I fill in the rest from there. Of course we are long past the first tree when I get around to adding colour, but there are more trees along the way to give me inspiration.

The reason for our visit to Toronto was to see Michael Thompson’s incredible paintings and drawings at the Mira Godard Gallery. If you are in the Toronto area, the show is on for another week. Don’t miss it.

Also starting this week is the CSPWC’s 97th Annual Open Water Exhibition. I’m very honoured that my painting “Wetlands” was selected by jurors Laurin McCracken, Donna Acheson-Juillet and Alan Brain. There’s still lots of time to have a look at the wonderful paintings in the online show. It’s on until December 16th, 2022.

14 Comments on “401 sketches”

  1. Frank Bettendorf says:

    Congratulations on being in the show and I note that Marc Holmes is also present. I enjoyed the Michael Thompson show and I’m extremely imprerssed with his control. Thanks for your posts. Frank B


  2. Jean A Paterson says:

    Thanks for posting and linking to this watercolour show! Congratulations on your fine entry and recognition for your work.


  3. I can’t get over the 401 sketches. They’re fabulous. Having just spent 7 hours in a car, I really can’t imagine how you managed it. Congrats, too, on your Wetlands painting!


  4. John Hume says:

    Your daily emails are an education in and of themselves


  5. Patty Perrier says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful.


  6. Congrats on the CSPWC show!
    I so wish I could see Mike’s show. The hanging and space look very beautiful.
    Next time you do that drive, take the 1000 Island Parkway side route. Only adds about 5 minutes to the journey and it’s well worth it. Beautiful scenery, marinas, etc. Great 401 sketches. I tried to do this a week ago, not as successfully as you. Heh, how about a course on sketching while on the road! You’ll need a back seat video crew. 😉


  7. Congratulations on having your painting in the show. Love the small autumn paintings you did during the drive. They look great!


  8. Judy Sopher says:

    My laptop charger broke so I am hoping I have enough battery to write. I don’t know if I had written that the time I went to Expo in Montreal the trees all along the way were in magnificant color. So I enjoyed your paintings. and your exhibit painting is a great example of your mastery of blues. Beautiful.


  9. Sue Pye says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful piece in the CSPWC show, and thank you for the link; so much inspiration. I just love your highway paintings. I am always looking at how you distill a scene and remove the distractions – you make it look effortless. Please consider doing a landscape workshop sometime, either in Montreal, Toronto – or anywhere in between. I would be there! Thanks so much, Sue


  10. Northern Traveller says:

    I would do that too for kicks, tho’ I might get carsick. I love that you paint on the run….. Also, congrats on the exhibition painting – it’s masterful :).


  11. Beautiful views off the 401. Was this one one of those really cold days last week. Ie Wednesday / Thursday. Beautiful. I wasn’t overly observant with the foliage this fall. However I did get some decent photos. I heard this was the best year for colour in several years.


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