Three plants, three pens

Winter is a great time for studio experimentation. For pulling out all the tools and materials I haven’t used in a while — the ones that have been gathering dust during plein air season. I know, winter is not here yet but it’s dark before 5 pm, and the days are often grey. The studio is bright and warm and it’s just fun to play.

Yesterday I brought in some dead stuff from the garden — various seed pods and dried out flower stalks.Today I set them out on my drawing table and used three different pens for drawing. At the top is my old standby: the Platinum Carbon Desk pen which I love for making very fine lines. In the middle is the fat Confucius Duke Fude pen with the bent nib. That one is great for fat lines and variable width lines. It’s also great when you need to cover a large area with black ink. At the bottom: the lovely Kakimori Brass nib pen dipped in black ink. And the brown: Walnut Ink diluted with a brush and some water.

10 Comments on “Three plants, three pens”

  1. Barbara says:

    I love these, Shari ! Amazing shadows.


  2. Chris Rusk says:

    I like all three but I find I favour the middle plant as the very best 🙂


  3. How beautiful! These are so spare – and so evocative of November…..


  4. Denise says:

    Just lovely, another great lesson in simplicity.


  5. Maria B. says:

    The differences seem subtle at first but upon a closer look they’re very different. I really like the variations from the Duke. The line variations are less than I would have thought with the Kakimori. Lovely and fun to see the differences!


  6. Laura Kate says:

    Beautiful shadows.


  7. Lori says:

    Love these! Ink is one of my favorite mediums! I wonder if a class of sketching with ink would be a good one?


  8. Judith Sopher says:

    I liked this so much that I went out and gathered a bunch of my many dying or dead plants. I really enjoyed drawing them. I used one ink(Micron 05) and watercolor pencils . Not good yet with them but trying. Didn’t come out as good as yours but want to try other plants. Thanks for this idea. will try different pens next.


  9. These are very beautiful. Drawn with a tenderness that brings life to them, even in their dry and decaying state.
    I really like the combination of black ink and brown.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with the things you picked today.


  10. I love seeing the variety of lines you get from each pen. Great to see these experiments.


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