Two tree shadows

The light was so bright and the shadows so distinctive in the corner of my yard this morning that I had to grab my pen and sketchbook. There was even one shadow I’ve never noticed before, despite drawing the wheelbarrow dozens of times. It’s from the tall fir tree to the left of the oak that supports my wheelbarrow. Today the fir cast a long shadow that travelled up the left side of the oak. Every time I glanced up those shadows were a little different, so I scribbled quickly with my pen to capture the shapes on the tree, the wheelbarrow and the shed.

There’s always a moment when I’m drawing with a ballpoint pen when I ask myself if it’s time to stop. In this sketch I suppose I could have kept on filling in what I saw above the fence. But what attracted me to this scene at that moment was the shadow shapes around the wheelbarrow, and once that was captured, it didn’t seem that interesting to cover the rest of the page.

5 Comments on “Two tree shadows”

  1. Lovely choice of colour and composition. The white space enhances the subject. The restraint paid off.




  2. Lori says:

    Hope nothing ever happens to your wheelbarrow 😊


  3. Denise says:

    Oh the magic you create! Love how you convey what the rest of us might miss.


  4. I think if you had filled in the entire thing it would have been too much. Nice hatching for the shadows.


  5. timdada says:


    I have experienced that “change of shadow” also. It only takes a few minutes to notice.

    And it always puts me in touch with the dynamics of our universe.

    The time of day, the season of year, the hemisphere, etc.

    I wonder if artists on the other side of the universe appreciate it also.


    Season’s Greetings



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