Curry and cardamom

I’ve never really explored drawing with a ballpoint pen, but I have to say I am loving it. After some technical difficulties with Wednesday’s boot drawing, I decided to splurge on some new ballpoint pens yesterday. The good ones. Bic Cristal, assorted colours. And now that I am drawing with them (an assortment of spice bottles on my counter, used first to flavour a curry) there are some surprises. They are very effective at building up tones slowly and with some subtlety. And they make great dark tones too. I was not expecting that. I chose a medium nib so the first lines I start with are very light (no pencil under the ink), and I layer from there. It’s great fun and also very meditative at the same time. A perfect activity while the curry bubbles away (or overcooks) on the stove.

20 Comments on “Curry and cardamom”

  1. Lori says:

    Amazing, amazing, AMAZING!!!


  2. Thinking you could perhaps post your curry recipe:). Lovin’ your art.


  3. Joy Meyers says:

    Looks fantastic!! But I’m wondering if the ink is permanent enough that it would not fade and disappear over time. I know that you shouldn’t sign watercolor paintings with permanent markers because that does fade. Thanks for any information you have.


    • Hi Joy, Ballpoint ink is not permanent and will be affected by UV light. But this is in my sketchbook which always remains closed when I’m not drawing, so I am not too concerned about it. My sketchbooks are always in a cool, dry place. Thanks for checking.


  4. -N- says:

    In reality, drawing with anything can be very satisfying. Just the process of working with your hands on something you enjoy will get you into a better space.


  5. Maria B. says:

    Oh fun! Have to try!

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  6. Jean-Pierre Riel says:

    Very nice blue ink and lovely drawing


  7. So funny, splurging on ballpoints. A wonderful drawing, with the distinctive Blaukopf touch. And most informative.




  8. I like your use of blue for the bottles. Nice hatching to show the lights and the darks!! I’ve never really used ballpoint pens for sketching, but these look good!


  9. Tami says:

    Hi Shari, what size mm is the nib on your pens? I have one of these pens and it says its a 1.6mm~. It doesn’t create the fine line that your pen did~ so beautifully rendered!




  10. Hi Shari,
    If I tried drawing while cooking, the food would definitely be overcooked/burnt. Looking forward to another one of your MISA classes, in Tucson this time.
    Thanks for your tips, as always, Gwen


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