Nitro in winter

I’ve driven by this scene on Lakeshore Road hundreds of times, and drawn that yellow wall on the right often, but I don’t think I’ve ever drawn this garage. Today it was particularly appealing with the snow-topped trash cans out front and a parked car that was the same colour as the trim of the doors. When I had just painted the darks of the windows, a guy came out of the little door for a smoke break. Hunched over, a droopy knit cap on his head, a cigarette in hand — he held the perfect pose in that doorway for quite some time. Long enough for me to add him in… if only I hadn’t already painted the door! Sketched on a block of Hahnemuhle watercolour paper, 9″ x 12″.

22 Comments on “Nitro in winter”

  1. ksmiley2015 says:

    Your have turned a chilly, gray day into a thing of real beauty! what a gift!
    Cheers to you, Shari


  2. Donna Skelcy says:

    Really like this one!


  3. IRENE Reinhold says:

    So good.


  4. Kit says:

    All your sketches are fabulous, and I particularly love the colors in this one! As someone who also lives in a cold climate, I really appreciate finding color like this in winter!


  5. Linda Hackett says:

    Hi Shari
    I live in New York and we too so enjoyed seeing the Hopper show and I am so glad you had a chance to visit it in person!! I have ordered the book you suggested but had to go to EBay as the one from Abe’s Books was damaged and unsellable.
    I look forward to “seeing” you in class soon for further discussions!
    Linda Hackett


    • Linda, I’m so glad you had a chance to see the Hoppers too. Yes, there’s nothing like seeing these in person. And happy you found that wonderful book. I wasn’t sure how many copies are still floating around, but glad you found this one. I think you’ll enjoy seeing them all together like that. See you in class!


  6. Maria B. says:

    I enjoy the shapes and colors in this scene…but I’m wondering about the meaning of ‘Nitro’ in the title…


  7. sandidureice says:

    This is lovely. An interesting story about the man in the doorway. Is this when maybe one can choose to drop the paint brush and do a separate, little vignette in pencil or pen of the man, to be added to another painting? Still love this painting here. I like the way you do ordinary scenes that look inviting and cosy. Thank you.


    • Sandi, thanks for having a look. This is definitely a time when I would do a vignette of the man in the doorway. But I was working on a block of paper, not a sketchbook, so I couldn’t do anything. If it was a pad and not a block, I would have turned the page, but I couldn’t even do that. So all I have is the memory of him, and the hope that he will come out again for a smoke if I park there again one day.

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  8. Chris Rusk says:

    Great depth as always. So lucky trim and car colours advance so well. Really nice.


  9. Ash says:

    What a wonderful painting!! Wow! Is there any chance I can ask what paints you used, especially to get those nice warm neutrals on the garage wall? It’s so full of life! The way you drybrush the bits of bare road between the snow is enchanting.


    • Thanks so much Ash. I love to use a combo of Cerulean Blue, Raw Sienna and Cad Red (just a touch) to get a warmish grey. That is likely what I used for that wall. If I want to cool the mix I add some Cobalt Blue. Thanks for writing!


  10. Wendy Cutting says:

    Love the colours against the very plain, dull background.
    Merry Christmas Shari, and thank you for all the inspiring paintings through the year.


  11. Nice painting of the car and those buildings. We’ve had a real wild ride weather wise lately 20mm of rain yesterday, followed by 20cm of snow. Winter is turning out to be so wild this year. Your painting has a real nice urban grunginess to it. The recycling bins, alleys and snow.


  12. Jim Mahla says:

    Really enjoy the way you ‘bounce’ bright colors around your paintings. Ties it all together.


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