Village walk

We’ve had about 20 cm of snow in Montreal since yesterday morning, and it’s still falling. It’s heavy snow that’s bending branches and creating a bit of havoc on the slippery streets. But it’s so beautiful that I couldn’t wait for it to stop before going out to paint. I mostly couldn’t see through the car windshield but the occasional use of wipers helped. I would work a bit, and when I got really lost I’d turn them on to clarify some of the details. Not an ideal way to work but it was better than staying home. Painted on a quarter sheet of Arches Rough paper.

22 Comments on “Village walk”

  1. Judith Lais says:

    This painting is another beauty from you. Shari, each post brings joy as I treasure your painting skills and discipline in confronting different weather conditions! I’m in awe. While it’s cold and somewhat snowy here in MA, I’m hunkered down inside, occasionally at my easel. Merry Christmas and happy painting in the days ahead.


  2. Bill Fagan says:

    Very nice Shari! Winter can have its charm.


  3. lois says:

    Your painting conveys the cold so very well Shari. It gets cold here in Florida and I become a slug, staying inside. And Florida cold is, you know, in the 40’s. 😉😆


  4. ccaatt01 says:

    You really know how to capture snow – And thanks for the tip about Indanthrone Blue – I love it! I had to buy a tube 🙂


  5. Janice says:

    Apart from satisfying my nostalgia for my hometown, I always enjoy your enjoyment of winter. In this one I am especially captivated by the roadway – the tire tracks, flicks of snow and asphalt. Happy Hannukah Shari and thanks for giving us such enjoyment.


  6. Brenda MacGovern says:

    I love this Shari! Such a nice way to spend a snowy day.❤️


  7. Carryer Carol says:

    Your dedication to sketching/painting everyday is humbling. I enjoy your posts so much.


  8. Laurie says:

    The grey sky is so evocative!


  9. I always enjoy your winter paintings from the car. It makes me feel better that there are other people who are crazy like me and go out in the snow to paint. I worry about getting stuck some day. At times I have brought along a warm blanket so that I don’t have to keep the car engine running constantly. This made me smile. Keep them coming…we have only had a dusting down here.


  10. Dian R Taylor says:

    Very nice work.


  11. Kathy says:

    Love this scene!


  12. Paul says:

    I love how your paintings elevate everyday scenes to ones that are a real joy to behold!!! I don’t often comment but know that I look forward to your inspirational posts👍👍. Wishing you and yours the best of the holiday season. Can’t wait to see what you will be working on in 2023. 🤓


  13. Petre says:

    I like how you captured the gray gradient of the sky complementing with it the warmth colors of the two buildings at the curve of the road. The suggested cast shadow suggests some Sun rays penetrating through the thick clouds. That image can be seen North of Toronto too, and the scene is always uplifting.


  14. mcammeehan says:

    You’re so committed ! Lovely work!


  15. Lynn Holbein says:

    It’s amazing how the inclusion of figures and street signs makes this painting so much more interesting! I wish more people included figures in their paintings.


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